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​​The Birthday company, owned by David Chasse of Coralville, Iowa, announced the launch of their new holiday cards and gifts that will now include Christmas and Thanksgiving cards and gifts on behalf of businesses who want to show their appreciation to their clients.

The owner of The Birthday Company decided to add three new greeting card designs, as there are 10 corporate greeting cards designs in total.

For Christmas, four more greeting cards designs were added as well as a set of holiday mugs and a Christmas tree ornament.

Companies use David Chasse services because maintaining relationships with their clients is a powerful marketing tool. They realize that showing how much you care by sending a gift or a card can go a long way.

Establishing relationships based on trust is vital for businesses because it can lead to more sales without the hassle of acquiring new clients. It is estimated that the cost of acquiring new clients is ten times more costly than having old clients continue to buy from you.

The Birthday Company also puts effort into details, including the signature, the address, and the fact they offer a free feature that reminds you of a special day via email.

To make the whole process more genuine, The Birthday Company offers the possibility of printing the signature in high resolution to make it seem as if it was sent personally.

On top of this, the return address is the address of the client of the Birthday company. This gives the receiver of the cards the impression that all cards were signed and mailed personally by their dentist, doctor, insurance agent, etc.

The client has a number of options to choose from, and building a long-lasting relationship between the client and a business is the Birthday’s company specialty.

The service is for everyone, both small and big budgets, and you can choose gifts starting from $2.95 up to $56.95.

The whole process is quite easy. You just have to search for their website and create a free account. The next step is to send a list of client birthdays or special days where you would like someone to receive a card or a gift.

After you picked the budget, you can choose from premium chocolates, specialty candies, toffees, CDs, and cards that go well with the special occasion.

You will not have to worry about the gifts or the cards arriving late either because they are sent seven days prior to the special day with the company’s return address on the package.

All the cards and the gifts are sent from The Birthday Company’s offices in Iowa.

There are also a number of free options that The Birthday Company offers, including free data entry services, list uploads, and free high-resolution signatures that trick the eye into believing the signature was not printed. They also do a print of a logo if necessary.

The membership to the website is free, and there is no minimum order required either. Cancellations can be done at any time, and there is also the Free Birthday Reminder Feature, where you can choose to receive an email one day before your client’s birthday. This feature can help many business owners who are too busy to keep track of everything but still want to send the best wishes personally.

If you want to find out more about The Birthday Company, feel free to check out the many corporate birthday and holiday cards along with a large variety of gifts at

On the website, you will also find a short demo video of what the process looks like and how The Birthday Company can help keep your clients loyal.

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