BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY 10510 – 12-03-2018 ( — Briarcliff Manor, NY, December 3, 2018 — Cicero Transact, an exclusive online community dedicated to forging strategic business alliances, and esbconnect, a customer acquisition solutions provider delivering email marketing campaigns at speed and scale, have established a cooperative collaboration across multiple business functions to drive mutually beneficial revenue opportunities. 

As part of the wide-reaching partnership, esbconnect will assist Cicero Transact in marketing its platform through GDPR-compliant services like:

  • Email marketing campaigns to advertise the Cicero Transact Business Platform
  • Email marketing services for clients and partners of the Cicero Transact Business Platform
  • Email cleansing services
  • List management and campaign management services

In exchange, Cicero Transact will drive more business to esbconnect by:

  • Creating an esbconnect group on the Cicero Transact Business Platform to promote esbconnect’s services and leadership
  • Establishing additional revenue-creating partnerships for esbconnect
  • Introducing new standalone clients to esbconnect

“Membership growth through marketing and promotion is key to our success,” said Michael Woloshin, founder and CEO of Cicero Transact. “Esbconnect is well positioned to provide these critical marketing and advertising services to Cicero Transact. By the same token, Cicero Transact is well equipped to drive more business and partnerships to esbconnect through our one-of-a-kind business platform.”

“We are very excited about working with the Cicero Transact team; their platform is highly disruptive and will facilitate innovation and growth on a global basis,” said Suzanna Chaplin, CEO of esbconnect. “Our customer acquisition platform is perfectly aligned to delivering membership growth for Cicero Transact and new revenue for all of their clients. We see this as a game changer in terms of our new growth plans in FY19.”

About Cicero Transact: Cicero Transact is an exclusive membership-based business platform that offers a revolutionary new way to transact business around the world. Members gain an inside look at startups, entrepreneurs, and companies seeking support to enhance and execute their business models. Cicero Transact covers all business verticals and allows their global membership to actively review deals and select opportunities that best suit their expertise. Members can participate in and earn on business opportunities directly through the Cicero Transact business platform. Simply put, the platform allows users to leverage their existing tools, resources, and contacts into income on new deals. The founders of Cicero Transact have more than $1 billion in transactions under their belt, collectively. To learn more, visit

About esbconnect: Esbconnect’s customer acquisition platform helps you to acquire new customers through our engaged data pool of millions. The platform on average drives 240X better ROI compared to traditional display advertising, delivering trackable, engaged leads to your site, not anonymous website visitors. We achieve dynamic measurable audience engagement through email campaigns via desktop, tablet, and mobile. We use data science and clever cluster analysis to match your clients’ behavioral browsing and purchase patterns to predict and deliver entirely new prospects with similar likes and loves.

Esbconnect combines the usefulness of cookie and mobile data with the power and stability of an email address. The technology builds a multidimensional picture of each individual across every channel and device, using their email address as their unique digital fingerprint. To learn more, visit

PR Contacts

Cicero Transact – Paul Wayne- [email protected]

esbconnect – Andrew Watson –  [email protected]

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Company Name: Cicero Transact Group, Inc.
Full Name: Paul Wayne
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