BARNSLEY – 10-06-2018 ( — While dermaplaning has been a preferred method of exfoliation for Hollywood elites, the rich and famous all over the world, and some of the most beautiful women on the planet for over two decades it is really just now taking off like a rocket with the mainstream.


Women around the world are taking full advantage this unique approach to exfoliation that gently removes the top layer of dull, dead skin to reveal a much smoother, blemish free, and brighter complexion – all without exposing your skin to any potentially devastating chemicals along the way.


Aesthetic nurses, beauty spas, and beauty therapists around the UK have been looking to add dermaplaning services to their full range of options. The receiving the best dermaplaning training to make sure that your staff is able to safely and effectively provide the services was always a bit of a barrier of entry.


But that’s no longer the case thanks to the dermaplaning training we are able to provide.


Offering the highest standard of training courses in the dermaplaning field, thanks in large part to the delivery of our training at our state-of-the-art in purpose built training facilities, you are going to be able to bring key members of your staff – or the entire team – directly to our training locations for a “boot camp” that will have them leaving these facilities with the skills and knowledge necessary to deploy dermaplaning services effectively.


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What is Dermaplaning?


As we touched on above, dermaplaning has been a favoured method of exfoliation for more than two decades now, but it really only was ever available to the rich and famous as well as those that had connections enabling them to receive dermaplaning services from elite professionals trained in this exfoliation approach.


Unlike traditional “peel and strip” exfoliation services that involve potentially devastating chemicals that always leave your skin worse off than it was before, dermaplaning instead uses a 10gauge scalpel to quite literally slice off and scrape off dead skin on the uppermost level.


Obviously, anytime you’re talking about giving someone the ability to scrape and slice your face with a scalpel you want to make sure that they’ve gone through plenty of dermaplaning training and that they have the steady hands of a surgeon.


That’s where our dermaplaning training programs and dermaplaning coursework comes into play.


Training From the Best in the Business


Offering comprehensive dermaplaning coursework that will get even the newest members of your staff up to speed and confidently using the tools necessary for dermaplaning in a single day, we are able to offer the best training services throughout the United Kingdom for a couple of different reasons.


For starters, we’ve really been working to pioneer new advances in the world of dermaplaning and taking full advantage of the research into this exfoliation approach going on around the world. Never shy about leveraging the experience of others to make our training protocols more complete, you are quite literally receiving the “cutting edge” dermaplaning training you deserve when you move forward with us – no pun intended.


On top of that, but we had built a purpose specific training facility that gives you and your staff an opportunity to learn dermaplaning in the ideal environment for this kind of training to take place.


State-of-the-art technology, teaching aids, and dermaplaning materials are made available to all students, helping them to hit the ground running with our dermaplaning course lesson plan. The skills and techniques learned in this course are immediately transferable to your spa, salon, or clinics as well.


How You Can Take Advantage of This Training Now


If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about the kind of dermaplaning course training we make available, contact us at your earliest convenience.


We’ll be able to provide you with more details regarding the daily agenda we put together for our training, the different prices you may be able to take advantage of for the training packages we provide, any and all financing options that we are more than happy to offer, as well as a full range of training dates for you to pick and choose from.


Give us a phone call at 01226 32151 or reach out to us via email through our online contact form at We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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