Devault Foods takes a strategic step into serving the consumer grocery market. After almost seven decades in the food service industry, it is time to step from behind the scenes.

Press Release updated: Sep 26, 2017 06:00 EDT

Devault Foods is proud to announce the development of an online store and e-commerce marketplace with Amazon. The launch of these market channels represents the first in Devault Foods’ initiative to expand service to the consumer market.

Devault Foods was recently challenged by Hollywood to create a cheesesteak that captured the essence and theme of the Sony movie, “Flatliners,” (scheduled to release on Friday, Sept. 29th) to be served at the Philly Cheesesteak and Food Festival. With the challenge accepted, Devault Foods created not one, but two sandwiches and made the decision to announce online sales at the festival.

The online storefront which launched this past weekend provides consumers a sample of the delicious portion-controlled products that Devault Foods has provided the food service industry for almost 70 years. The storefront launched with some of Devault Foods’ best and most popular Philly-style steak products. Additional products from Devault Foods’ portfolio — including meatballs, burgers, and sausage — will be added in the coming months.

Devault Foods continues to watch trends in flavor profiles but also in the channels that consumers want to access products; this is an early step in a plan to service an evolving consumer market.

Brett Black, President and CEO

Consumer trends continue to influence development within the foodservice industry. Grocery sales through online platforms represent a very small part of the overall grocery retail market but are amongst the fastest-growing segment. (Source: Statista) As Devault Foods monitored the market, plans were developed to satisfy emerging trends by serving the consumers directly in a strategic way. The vast majority of grocery shopping still takes place in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. But according to industry experts, this pattern will change during the next decade as our internet-centric society develops marketplaces to make daily life more convenient.

Now consumers can access an authentic Philly-style cheesesteak from the convenience of their keyboard and make it hot and fresh from their home. To purchase go to or search Devault Foods at Amazon.

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Devault Foods is built upon seven (7) decades of the Fillippo family’s experience. The heritage includes cattle farmers, butchers, Veterans of Armed Service and recently, leaders in the food service industry. Devault Foods is unrivaled in operational excellence and a market leader in portion-controlled meat packaging. Today, Devault Foods is focused on current trends and the future needs of the marketplace. Commitment to quality and excellence goes beyond industry standards and provides a platform to deliver exceptional products well into the future. For more information, please visit

Source: Devault Foods

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