LOS ANGELES, CA – 09-13-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — A place for phones under the table gives restaurants and cafes an opportunity to better serve their customers and community.

TableCubby.com, the world’s first digital detox solution for restaurants and cafes introduced its first product geared toward tackling mobile device addiction while promoting social interaction.  

The company, which has been working with pilot locations across California, turns restaurant and café tables into momentary digital detox hot spots with soft rubber cubbies that mount to the underside of a table allowing patrons to store cellphones, keys or sunglasses.  

“Launching TableCubby has been a passion project,” says TableCubby owner, David Waldman. “One day our family was out at dinner and I noticed everyone at our table was preoccupied with their phone, and I just sat there thinking about how unenjoyable this dining experience was. Not surprisingly, ours wasn’t the only table in the restaurant more interested in their phones than present company.”

The idea that placing a mobile phone on a restaurant table can ruin a meal is more than just an idea – there’s actually research data behind it. Two separate studies show that if a mobile is visible during a conversation it causes people to feel less positive towards the person with whom they are chatting.

The digital detox movement is global and growing: France has banned all children under 15 from using phones in schools and in the United Kingdom, secondary schools require students aged up to 16 to lock their devices away for the entire day.

The availability of TableCubby, which can be installed in minutes, provides a low-hanging opportunity for restaurant and café operators to become leaders in their community by actively participating and promoting their involvement in the digital detox movement.

“The idea of taking a break from your device during meals might seem daunting for those of us that check our phones constantly throughout the day, but if we don’t collectively implement tools for doing so, we’re going to lose something very precious: the respect and love we all share for eating good food with good company and conversation,” says Waldman. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of social media and love all the food posts – let’s just keep our  phones safely under the table when we’re not using them.”  

TableCubby is available exclusively through the TableCubby.com website and through wholesale channel partners.

To learn more about TableCubby, wholesale inquiries, or to book an interview, contact David Waldman at 1.310.383.9150 or email, [email protected], or visit the website at www.tablecubby.com.

About TableCubby

Our mission is simple: discreetly transform the dining experience by providing people with a momentary digital detox while enjoying their meals and each other.

Diners prioritize delicious food when choosing a restaurant, followed by the quality of their experience. Use TableCubby to improve your customer’s dining experience so they focus on what really matters.

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