ATLANTA, GA – 01-24-2019 ( — How the world will look in the future is a question that has always intrigued many experts and futurists. 

We have an optimistic prediction of the future: we will enjoy lingering every day on the most beautiful beaches in the world, we will drive electric vehicles that will be managed by computers, and our body will patrol nanobots that use artificial intelligence to cure illnesses before they develop.Pessimistic theories about the future of the world prevail: population growth and urbanization, language extinction, aging of the population, endangered ecosystems, food shortages, large natural disasters, extinction. Although it is difficult to predict what is ahead of us, the greatest progress can be made by humans. This is what author James Michael believes as well. Every single person can contribute largely to the overall development of life, in its many aspects.However, everything is a question of the right perspective. James Michael in his new book Tell Your Story and Save the World – Aspects and Dimensions in Personal and Family History has such a different viewpoint. The book explores the question of how much the human experience of each person can contribute to improving the quality of human life in various aspects – whether it is said as audio or visual material. Delivering one’s personal history to the future may indeed be viewed as a moral imperative. A key idea is the use of the aspects and dimensions of a person’s life that have an anthropological, ontological, and historical basis in producing the personal history – whether as a book, video, cookbook, scrapbook, or multimedia production. The book also explores the business of personal history, project management, marketing, and much more.The book examines the perspectives that contribute to the many dimensions of our lives: historical, cultural, familial, medical, moral and more. Moreover, it examines how the revelation of those dimensions can contribute significantly to the advance of mankind. James Michael in his book Tell Your Story and Save the World – Aspects and Dimensions in Personal and Family History says: “Everyone has life experiences and knowledge of events in their community. Their perspective on those events, their experiences, and their life will be a treasure trove to those who find it many years hence.” This interesting book is written and intended for those who are considering recording their life story, or the history of their family. Tell your story, the world is listening. The author presents a holistic approach that encourages an individual to explore their whole experience and thus achieve a complete understanding of their life and place in the world.The book is published by Zelfin LLC, produced in cooperation with the Personal History Center. James Michael founded the Personal History Center in 2007 and served on the board of directors of the Association of Personal Historians. The Personal History Center originated the concept of Aspects and Dimensions for capturing life stories. The Center offers an Audio life story package, Video life story, Living cookbook, Video scrapbook, Family stories in the round, and Time capsules. Their goal is to push the limits of personal history and to have fun doing it.Tell Your Story and Save the World – Aspects and Dimensions in Personal and Family History is now available on Amazon know more about Personal History Center visit 

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