LONDON, UK – 11-15-2018 ( — Personify XP, the anonymous visitor dynamic engagement platform powered by AI, today announced seed investment from Touker Suleyman. Touker, a high profile retail entrepreneur, who is a TV Personality and investor on Dragon’s Den made the seed investment following the successful pilot of Personify XP on one of Touker’s owned businesses Hawes & Curtis.

Touker was blown away by the results.

Shoppers viewing Personify XP content and product recommendations
3x more likely to make a purchase.
On average will add an extra item to the basket.
+29.76% increase in revenue
+14.74% in average order value.

Personify XP is the first to market in anonymous visitor personalization and has developed a platform that uses machine learning algorithms to identify a visitors mission from their behavior onsite and then uses this behaviour to personalize their experiences in real time. “There is a significant market opportunity here” said Touker, “…with over 95% of our website visitors being anonymous.”

Hawes & Curtis already used an existing personalization technology and Touker went on to add “Personify XP has changed the game on anonymous personalization and outperformed our existing technology by 10% in head to head tests. With our biggest season of sales approaching we expect Personify XP to generate over £6m in incremental sales alone.”

The platform is fully GDPR compliant and captures no personal visitor details enabling the platform to personalize to visitors that brands know nothing about. A common problem brands have found is that website visitors are more weary of how their personal data is used. Visitors are now less likely to opt in to providing personal details, which has resulted in traditional personalization methods of ‘knowing the customer’ having less of an impact.

Antony Comyns, Head of Ecommerce at Hawes & Curtis was amazed at the rate of adoption of the new software “There has always been a challenge in creating content and understanding which products to sell in which countries. Personify XP’s platform helps us understand our anonymous visitors and critically we can launch and run these new international sites without having to hire more resource. We were live in six days with the Personify XP platform impacting 95% of our traffic immediately and increasing our bottom line by over 30%.”

Personify XP was founded by two UK entrepreneurs Joshua Scotton and Ben Mercer. Joshua, CTO of Personify XP said “We created Personify XP so that everyone who visits a website could receive a truly personal experience through experience automation without the overheads of a brand having to manage each individual experience. The investment comes at a time of rapid growth and will allow Personify XP to enter new markets away from retail where we have already seen significant adoption.”

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