FRESNO, CA – 01-23-2019 ( — Dragynskyn is designed to be used in apparel such as a compression base layer shirt to protect the clothing a person wears over 90%-99% of the torso allowing only water vapor to ?lter through the microporous laminate. 

The shirt is comprised of fabric with the quality to stretch like normal fabric due to the extremely thin and light laminate-to fabric composition.

The fabric is designed to simply be waterproof, windproof, breathable and feel like a normal compression base layer apparel when worn during high-intensity activities during work or play. The body sweats profusely in more areas than just the armpit. Several shirt products are designed to prevent sweat through in the armpit area only. 

Darryl wants to bring this new technology to fellow law enforcement officers and those who must wear body armor daily. Come learn more and support Darryll’s Kickstarter Campaign at


About Dragynskyn:

A common problem in law enforcement or for anyone that wears body armor, no one has created a Base Apparel specifically designed to address this problem.  After years of testing the Base Apparel has shown to not just work for body armor but crosses over to any person needing an extreme sweat resistant compression wear. Compression wear designed to be worn under body armor it protects your ballistic vest from becoming contaminated with sweat.

Originally designed to be worn under body armor, the fabric is designed to prevent sweat build up by allowing 99% of the water sweat is comprised of to evaporate through the special laminated fabric. This causes an increased cooling effect since the body cools through evaporation of sweat/water from the skin. Conversely, the structure and composition of the 3 layer fabric using medical grade TPU microporous laminate introduces a level of protection against microbes due to the size of the pores in the laminate, allowing only water vapor molecules to pass through. 


About the Founder:

Darryll Van Deursen explains how DragynSkyn came to be. 

“I created DragynSkyn after 10 years in law enforcement and wearing heavy body armor under my uniform. I would sweat in temperatures up to 110 degrees in the summer in one of the hottest places to live and work on the west coast. After years of looking for something that I could wear underneath my bulletproof vest that prevented soak through of the kevlar and the unbearable odor that came with the bacteria production, I decided to create something that would resolve this problem for those that had to wear body armor to protect themselves to serve their community.

I realized that a moisture-wicking fabric doesn’t work for my industry. I discovered when sweat is “wicked” to the surface of the fabric, it has nowhere to go but to be absorbed by the kevlar. With no ventilation due to the body armor being compressed against the body, I believed in order to prevent this problem someone had to invent a new type of fabric technology … so I did.”


Come learn more and support Darryll’s Kickstarter Campaign at

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