MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 08-24-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Where some might see an abandoned building, many drone pilots see an opportunity.

There has been an increasing trend in the FPV (first-person view) drone community to fly fast racing drones through tight spaces of abandoned buildings of all shapes and sizes. These desolate buildings are commonly referred to in the drone world as “bandos.” 
Pilots that fly in these buildings have cameras on their drones that transmit the video to a set of goggles worn by the pilot. That allows them to fly through abandoned buildings — under old staircases, through empty windows and between other tight objects — all while remaining stationed safely on the ground.
These types of abandoned buildings can range from a former mental asylum to the hulls of old airplanes to closed-up hotels or shopping malls. The appeal for many pilots is the opportunity to fly in a challenging and unique location — and also one that is free from other people.
Abandoned buildings often get a bad reputation and often get spray painted with graffiti long after the inhabitants of the building have left. For FPV pilots, though, that just adds to the charm of certain “bandos.”
It’s not just abandoned buildings that make for FPV playgrounds. Abandoned water parks are another popular spot for these pilots to fly as they turn an empty space into their canvas. Many pilots say their favorite spots to fly are abandoned buildings.
Even though they often provide some challenging features, abandoned buildings seem to be a preferred flying location for pilots of all skill levels. That includes Trevor Bauer, a pitcher for Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians. Bauer brings his custom drones on the road with him during the season, and prefers to fly at abandoned buildings whenever he has a chance.
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