TAMPA, FLORIDA – 10-31-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Doctors On Calls, a telemedicine service, can be an essential asset for coordinating healthcare after a major disaster, like recent hurricanes that have rocked the United States, CEO Mary Gorder says.

As it can be difficult for patients to move in the aftermath of a major disaster, being able to connect with a doctor remotely can be of great help to them. As long as people do not require emergency care, using Drs. On Calls telemedicine service with their phone can help disaster survivors get help quickly and efficiently, Gorder points out.With so many natural disasters hitting the United States and the rest of the world every year, the need for remote doctor consultations will continue to grow as these disasters displace and affect thousands of people. Gorder suggests that if a gathering place for survivors is set up, a satellite connection could be established to use the Drs. On Calls portable technology to help triage patients who do not require immediate care so they can at least talk to a doctor before they get to physically see one.“When a disaster strikes, people need any type of medical attention they can get,” Gorder said. “Telehealth platforms like Drs. On Calls could be helpful in these situations because even if a place where survivors congregate has doctors, they will be overrun. Having a team of remote doctors available can help prioritize patients and they can help deal with the more minor issues of patients.“The key would be to have it set up with satellite connections, as electricity infrastructure is often compromised in a disaster. If a hospital had a system in place prior to the disaster, it could easily be deployed in this type of situation, alleviating much of the suffering in the aftermath of a something like a hurricane.”Drs. On Calls already has hundreds of doctors, thousands of patients and dozens of hospitals signed up for the service, Gorder says, so it is in a good position to be deployed during the aftermath of a disaster.Anyone who has suffered a more personal disaster can also utilize the service for doctor consultations and check ins during recovery, the CEO notes, as the service is more affordable than going to a hospital or a doctor’s clinic.

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