DG1 Inc partnership

DG1 platform integrates five main software solutions to improve profitability

Through the new entity, EcommEarth will be able to offer its revolutionary business software, the DG1 platform, to the third-largest economy in the world. The ground-breaking new entity is the first EcommEarth expansion of DG1 in the Asian market.

Mr. Gregor Zebic, founder and CEO of EcommEarth commented, “Customers today expect a personalized, data-driven relationship with their favorite brands. Current tools on the marketplace are expensive, difficult to use, and inadequate for helping small businesses address data ownership concerns. Our DG1 platform solves all these problems by integrating functionality between e-commerce, marketing, booking, mobile, and website management tools. With this joint venture, we are excited to be partners with local market leader Benefit One. We look forward to sharing our expertise, innovations, and solutions to help grow small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Japan.”

The DG1 platform integrates five main software solutions to improve profitability and help SMEs with their Industry 4.0 transition:

  • Patent pending e-commerce solution with unique “Flip” UI to increase sales
  • Marketing automation system with 360-degree customer database for real-time data aggregation and personalized campaign generation
  • Universal booking platform for any type of business
  • Easy-to-use website content management system (CMS)
  • Mobile application published directly on App Store and Google Play

EcommEarth and Benefit One plan to leverage the unique capabilities of the DG1 platform to increase the online market share of SMEs throughout the country. As of 2017, over 99% of businesses in Japan are SMEs, and Japan’s e-commerce market is the 4rd largest in the world.

About Benefit One:
Benefit One, Japan’s leading benefits outsourcer, provides benefit services to major corporations in Japan. Benefit One group employs more than 1,000 employees and has offices throughout Asia, Europe and US. The firm has many large Fortune 1000 clients, including Coca-Cola, Goodyear, and MetLife, and their revenues exceeded $250 million USD last fiscal year. Benefit One and their parent company, Pasona Group Inc, are both listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

About EcommEarth:
EcommEarth is a Vancouver-based digital software company that develops its own forward-thinking business solutions and products. EcommEarth’s DG1 platform is an innovative, all-in-one solution that helps small and medium businesses generate digital revenue streams and grow their online presence. With DG1, SMEs can leverage digital assets and big-data aggregation to secure their future.

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