LOS ANGELES, CA – 11-28-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Academy of Audiovisual and Cinematographic Arts of Ecuador has selected A Son of Man, directed by Jamaicanoproblem and co-directed by Pablo Agüero as its Oscar bid for the foreign-language film and documentary feature film category.

A Son of Man is a coming-of-age adventure-drama – a true story of a family of explorers’ decades-long treasure hunt for Incan gold in the South American jungle. It’s a surreal, immersive narrative experience created using innovative cinema technology capturing never before filmed areas of the Amazon with the help of remote-controlled cameras, which producer Lily van Ghemen said was “like trying to film a space movie in space.”The film is a ten-year long passion project, shot on real locations using innovative remote-controlled cameras inspired by drones, using only real-life characters, and no script. All this was done in order to bring more realism to the story and to capture the characters’ experiences with more authenticity.Jamaicanoproblem, son of a famous explorer, wanted to immortalize his father’s final steps into finding the greatest lost treasure in history, to which he dedicated the majority of his 92 years of life. Fascinated by the narrative and aesthetic choice of fiction, Jamaicanoproblem turned his explorations into filmmaking expeditions, while respecting the “real-world” gravitational laws found in documentary movies. This turned into a futuristic view of a true life treasure-quest, a post-modernist picture of reality that holds the intimacy of true emotions for the big screen.The film follows the coming of age of Pipe, an American teenager who reluctantly joins his enigmatic father in Ecuador, the elder’s home country, on a treasure hunt for the lost Inca gold. During their perilous journey through the jungle, what he finds is a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and learns that the real treasure is not always gold. The President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, said about the film: “An extraordinary and beautifully shot gift to everyone who believes in the life beyond the merely tangible. An eye-opening masterpiece coming from our Andes and Amazon.”A Son of Man carries an important political and environmental message, raising awareness for the conservation of the most biodiverse ecosystem on our planet, protecting the Amazon and the ancient tribes who live within.
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