JUNCTION CITY, OREGON – 12-17-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Eila Chérie, an e-commerce lifestyle brand, will officially launch on January 9th, 2019. This forward-thinking, female focused brand represents a community-based approach to entrepreneurship. Its founder looks at Eila Chérie as a brand that offers today’s boss babes a way to live an Instagram-perfect life while making a positive impact in the real world at the same time. Eila Chérie is already attracting much attention ahead of its launch as a result of its pledge to donate a 10 percent of net sales to organizations that assist and empower women around the globe. The brand will break the mold and redefine “women helping women” by donating regardless of profit numbers. To promote its ethos of community over competition, plans are in place for Eila Chérie to eventually host an entrepreneurial online community and organize in-person events for women in business.

Eila Chérie operates based on a company-wide mission to be a force of character. It invites all women to define what being a force of character means to them on their own terms. The company will donate 10 percent of each net sale to an organization that benefits women. One organization will be selected per year. Eila Chérie is partnering with the nonprofit Global Fund for Women in 2019. Plans are in place to have customers nominate recipients in future years. A donation will be made even if the company does not turn a profit in the first year.Eila Chérie’s online store features a premium selection of handbags, sunglasses, watches, earrings and more. The looks offered by the brand have been carefully curated to fit the needs of today’s modern women. Unlike most startup companies, Eila Chérie is a completely independent and self-funded brand. This fact enables the company to fulfill its commitment to donating to charitable organizations regardless of sales numbers.Eila Chérie’s e-commerce store will go live on January 9th of 2019. Shoppers can visit www.eilacherie.com to sign up for their newsletter and receive a special launch discount, browse the brand’s collection, and learn more about its mission. 
Brand Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwUZu9LYOgE

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Company Name: Eila Chérie
Full Name: Color Reinholz
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Website: www.eilacherie.com

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