New York, NY — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/26/2017 — Windows to remain the most preferred operating system for enterprise email applications

Over the years, email applications have moved through various operating systems. From mainframe, Unix, and Linux, enterprise systems across the globe have adopted Microsoft’s Windows operating environment seamlessly. Having said that, the other operating environments continue to support certain business applications including email applications. These other operating systems hold a meagre share of the global email application market in terms of adoptability and revenue growth. Our forecasts indicate that the Windows operating environment will project significant growth over the period of assessment, owing to increasing adoptability by enterprises and in particular, a growing preference for cloud based Windows operating systems. The Windows operating environment is estimated to grow from an estimated market valuation of US$ 677.3 Mn in 2017 to US$ 1076.9 Mn by the end of the forecast period (2025). This is indicative of a CAGR of 6.0% in terms of value. The Windows segment is projected to register high Y-o-Y growth rates throughout the forecast period.

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Factors impacting the growth of email applications deployed on the Windows operating environment

Increasing adoption of cloud based email applications fueled by artificial intelligence is a key market driver influencing enhanced growth of the global email application market. Other prominent growth drivers include a growing preference for on-demand services with automated provisioning infrastructure and a rising adoption of SaaS based solutions across global enterprises. Enterprises are adopting hybrid cloud management software, which aids in delivering and managing a full spectrum of hybrid and multi-cloud environments to accelerate the need for digital transformation. This adoption of hybrid cloud platforms by organizations helps DevOps enable continuous data delivery across the cloud. Hybrid cloud management software helps improve IT agility, responsiveness, and overall operational efficiency. Windows being the most preferred operating environment by a large number of global enterprises, the market for the Windows operating environment is likely to witness significant growth during the forecast period.

The global market for email applications comes with its own set of challenges that restrict revenue growth

No market is devoid of challenges and the global email application market is no exception. One of the primary factors restraining market growth is the aspect of security. A compromise of business email deployed on Windows and other operating environments is likely to pose grave challenges to the global market. Further, easy accessibility to cloud based email applications by fraudulent individuals may cause grave concerns to the organization regarding the security of critical enterprise data.

Future trends likely to be witnessed in the coming years

Over the next few years, the global email application market is likely to witness high demand for email security solutions from large as well as small and medium business enterprises. Also, migration to cloud based systems is gaining traction in the banking and financial services sector. Financial enterprises are more likely to move towards cloud based Windows operating systems owing to the flexibility and convenience offered by cloud applications.

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Windows will continue to hold the top position among all the operating environments across the various regional markets

In the North America email application market, the Windows operating environment is anticipated to reach a market valuation in excess of US$ 1400 Mn by the end of 2025 – witnessing a CAGR of 5.0%. In terms of value, the Windows segment is projected to be the most attractive in the North America email application market during the forecast period. This segment will also register high Y-o-Y growth rates in the North America market. The Windows segment will dominate the Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa email application markets. This segment is also likely to be the most attractive operating environment and is projected to register high Y-o-Y growth rates across these regional markets. In essence, it can be said that by operating environment, the Windows operating system is likely to stick to its leadership position throughout the forecast period in the global email application market.

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