Salt Lake City, UT — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 10/25/2017 — Whether or not mobile phones are truly damaging to one’s health is no longer a question for many. Global health warnings are setting consumers straight. Holding your phone next to your head is not advised by the experts. Excessive radiation levels can be exceeded.

, a recent health warning has come out which has finally set this age-old argument. Turns out that all mobile devices, even from companies like Apple have a certain set of radiations that are emitted from within; and these radiations are fine on their own, when the mobile is put near the head of a person, it can have adverse effects.

To protect oneself of cell phone radiation, consumers are looking towards phone cases as the solution. However, consumers should be aware of the following three (3) issues.

1) Most all phone cases sold today do not block cell phone radiation.

2) Anti-radiation phone cases that attach to the back of your phone block radiation but leave your brain and body exposured to radiation.

3) Radiation blocking phone cases that block the radiation transmitted from the front of the phone are effective methods if the phone case manufacturing process did not damage the shielding material during production of the case.

That said, the best and most reliable option seems to be flip cover phone cases. There are a few flip phone cases that achieve this goal. Cruz Cases ( has combined radiation protection in a thin wallet flip phone that is effective in blocking cell phone radiation.

“The correct materials in producing radiation blocking phone cases is essential” states, Cruz Case Found John Cruz, “but knowledge of how to manufacture these cases without destoring the shielding properties is equally important.”

In summary there are many phone cases available. But only a few cases offer the effective radiation protection towards the brain. With proper research, consumers can protect themselves and family.

Media Contact:
Robert Johnson
Salt Lake City, Utah
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