DELAWARE – 09-13-2018 ( — In keeping with its vision of redefining the way shipping is done, Fastvan has launched an end-to-end on-demand SaaS platform to solve the delay, middleman and paperwork problems that come with traditional shipping. There has been a growing uptick of interest in the digitalization of the logistics sector in recent times, and Fastvan is responding innovatively with the inclusion of a fully automated approach to logistics.

Fastvan is the leading white label end to end logistics platform for enterprises, with customers in multiple countries including some of the world’s best-known brands please do look at . Our highly flexible yet powerful solution enables not only Logistic companies but Enterprises/FMCG/SME’s/Retail in multiple industries to quickly streamline the way they deliver goods and services, creating both operational efficiency and the optimal experience for their entire shipping ecosystem – from single or multiple Warehouses/Retail/DC’s to the Driver and all the way to the customer, invoicing, EPOD, Barcoded Waybill, Return/failed deliveries, multiple country operations and currencies..

Fastvan open platform is simple white label SaaS based platform easy to implement, use and manage through its different modules – web-based applications for dispatch and administration with TMS and SCM functionalities, branded mobile apps for drivers, and a branded mobile and web application experience for customers. It is highly scalable and can be used to easily customize the solution to fit our customers’ needs and to integrate it across their existing systems.

Enterprises and logistics service providers can now modernize their delivery infrastructure in multiple countries in multiple currencies and improve their operational efficiency from the management team at HQ or DC through the in-store and warehouse/distribution center operations teams, and all the way to the drivers and end-customers. 

The platform also offers warehousing solutions to help optimize and manage warehouses and inventories. From staging the warehouse for pickup through scanning and printing to managing multiple warehouses in different locations are just a few examples of what the platform can provide. Managing bulk deliveries from Distribution centers whether B2B/B2C/C2C while maintaining a chain of custody throughout the process can result in a high delivery and storage efficiencies. 

Fastvan has no direct near neighbor competitors in Africa and is and has already launched Ukraine and the United States of America. The all-in-one platform presents a convenient solution to guarantee a delightful on-demand end to end logistics solution for Enterprises. 

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