Halloween Party Planning is in full force. Why not make this Halloween event with a twist?

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​​​What makes a Halloween party special?  The scary music, soft lights, costumes and food and drink of course!   Spooky ideas can make the party a real hit!  Preparing small ‘bite’ size finger foods beforehand, will make things much easier, freeing up time to get things done for the big day. 

Start with a festive Sangria wine.  The recipe is simple.  Purchase the required amount of  Red wine,  (generally start with your favorite bottles of wine) orange, lemon, lime and apple.  Top it off with sparkling water or seltzer.  Recipes are available online and this Spanish tradition will be a huge crowd pleaser.  Put your Sangria in a punch bowl, surrounded by dry ice.  Make sure there is enough to replenish the punch bowl throughout the evening.  Have wine glasses around the punch bowl for  guests to serve themselves.

Have your guests bring a bottle of wine from local wineries.  Offer small samplings of each of the wines. Visit the local party store for some great party decorations and trinkets.  Purchase trinkets such as small skeletal heads, tiny hands, beads or even candy corn.  Have each guest vote on their favorite wine-by placing small ‘halloween’ trinket in a container, next to the preferred bottle.  Make plans to visit that favorite winery for a wine tasting event at a later date!

The kicker to this party is to plan a wine tour, for a future date. “This idea was a hit at a party!”

Michele Waters, Wine Expert

Feature a wine glass decorating contest.  Purchase bulk wine glasses-and set up a painting station.  Guests can decorate their own glasses to take home with them.  The kicker to this party is to plan a wine tour, for a future date.  “This idea was a hit at a party I attended last year before Halloween.” Michele Waters, Wine Tour expert claims.  “Everyone decorated a glass that evening,  which we all took on a wine tour three weeks later.  We made it a neighborhood event with over twenty people attending.” Waters continued “We had our very own adult trick or treating event, taking pictures and enjoying wine country.”  Waters explained.  During the fall, wine country has many things going on, and the tour can be based on the fall season.  Harvest season is taking place now.   “Our tour company was actually the focal point of our Halloween party-we went trick or treating adult style, and it was great fun.” Concluded Waters. 

If the wine tour is not an option, the wine glass decorating is a fun twist to any get together.  Make sure that the glasses are signed and dated, along with the hostess name on it.  This way it will be a memory maker in the future.  

Source: Executive VIP

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