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​​Venturing out to the local Wine Country is a welcomed trip any time of the year.  With each season, you can expect a bountiful flurry of activity-no matter what region you choose to visit.    Now is the time that Vintners are harvesting grapes and determining the bounty of their harvest. There is no better time to go wine tasting in Temecula than right now.  Whether you are a regular at wine tasting or possibly have never been to wine country, you will not want to miss out on the action.

Enjoying wine is just half of the fun. Have you ever wondered what the process is from grape to glass?  Now is your chance to learn firsthand.   The time of year is ripe for grape harvest.  Many vintners in Temecula Valley are harvesting their grapes-and they want you to experience it right along with them.   A great week end adventure is to go wine tasting in Temecula Valley.   It is affordable, relaxing and loads of fun.  One of the best times to visit wine country is while they are harvesting, which is going on now.

Exactly what type of grapes make particular wine and why?  Although white grapes make white wine, black grapes can be used if they are not crushed and are pressed immediately.  After the juice has been allowed to ‘fall bright’ -the sediment has settled – the fermentation process follows.  With white wine this process takes longer than with red wine.  Many wineries are eager to explain and share the process.  Not only is it fascinating to learn, you can purchase wine directly to enjoy later on.  Michele Waters, Local Wine Tour expert,  highly recommends that you plan on purchasing wines from the wineries direct.  “When you enjoy that perfect wine at the tasting room, you can enjoy it later with friends and family-that is the ultimate!” explains Waters.   “You can also join wine clubs with many wineries, allowing you to get priority shipments when the aged wine is shipped”  Waters suggests.    The most enjoyable part of venturing out to wine country is the personable experience that each winery offers.  Many vintners are on hand to answer your questions.  Oftentimes, the pourers are extremely knowledgeable about the entire process. The origin of the vines, the grapes themselves, the climate, and the ideal growing conditions-are all variables that contribute to the success of award winning wines.   It really makes you appreciate the wine, learning the history that goes along with it.  “My only problem” Waters said “is trying to decide which wineries to visit when I go wine tasting.  There are so many good ones to choose from.  You will, no doubt, have to make several trips to wine country in an effort to enjoy them all!

Enjoying wine is just half of the fun. Have you ever wondered what the process is from grape to glass? Now is your chance to learn firsthand.

Michele Waters, Wine Tour Expert

The Fall Harvest is an exciting time to visit any wine country region. The precise time to pick the grapes is an agonizing decision for many growers.  Although there is a science to it, growers knowledge of just when to pick is reflective of their individual expertise.  As grapes ripen, the acid levels reduce, while the sugar, color and tannins increase.   A fine wine needs both acidity and ripeness from the grapes to be balanced.   When the grapes ripen, they obtain a richness that enhances the wine.  Red wine benefits from riper grapes, but delaying the harvesting increases the risk of damage from rot, and early frost.

The harvest season is happening right now in Temecula Wine Country.  It is a slow and labor intensive process, one that allows pickers to select the best grapes for future wine.   By visiting wine country, you can experience the harvesting first hand.  Talk to the vintners and learn the process of making wines.  You can learn the history of the vineyard, the process from grape to glass, and wine taste  to your heart’s content.

There are many ways to experience wine tasting.  Professional Tour Companies provide a wealth of knowledge about wine country.  Oftentimes, they offer the best bang for your buck.  The goal is to make it a safe, enjoyable experience, while not having to worry about drinking and driving.   Companies such as Executive VIP Shuttle are experienced and knowledgeable about wine country and the area.  You can relax and enjoy your day, without the worry of wine tasting and driving.  It is well worth the small investment.  Additionally, you can enjoy a refreshing get a way, for a fraction of the cost.  So gather some friends, and get in on the action of the grape harvest.  It will be a day you won’t forget.

Source: Executive VIP

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