UNITED STATES – 10-14-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Japanese cuisine is very different from any other world cuisine. Its secret lies in the careful selection of products, the beauties of supply, as well as about the product as a whole. Only the best gifts of earth and water are worthy of the honor of being on the table, and the main task of chefs is to preserve their original properties. The basic rule of Japanese cooking is not to create, but to find and open. After all, no one can compete with what nature itself has created.

It has long been believed that people can distinguish four basic tastes: salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. However, in 1908, Kikumae Ikeda, a scientist at the University of Tokyo, discovered that glutamate (an ionized form of the amino acid glutamic acid) evoked a unique sense of taste that could not be characterized by any previously known taste. After decades of struggling with conventional wisdom, the knowledge of the fifth taste was finally accepted. The word umami has now become popular as it is published even in overseas dictionaries. Although there is no official translation in English for Umami, the closest word to describe this would be “Savory”.Globalbrand Inc. is proud to present the Umami Powder, UMAMI Keystone series, which delivers umami to your daily life meal, transforming them into a next-level flavor. It is completely pesticide-free field cultivation made in Takachiho, Japan, Grown with the blessings of nature pure rainwater, clean air, and nutrient of Oak. From the growth of raw material to the process of drying, powdering, and packaging, all procedure to fabricate UMAMI Keystone is completed in Japan. The product has a unique drying method: it passes through under the ceramic panel, heated up to 240°C, running for 4min and 20secs. Combining UMAMI Keystone with the other Umami ingredients found in numerous different food, such as Glutamate (beans, tomato, etc.) and Inosinate (meat, fish, etc.), will boost the flavor up to 30 times.This incredible fascinating product has no artificial flavor or colors, non-MSG, and GMO. UMAMI Keystone is gluten and soy-free and it is vegan. At the time of powdering, we manage our products in compliance with the 12 processes according to HACCP standards, and we conduct food hygiene management based on the “ISO/TS 22002-1” program to maintain food safety.UMAMI Keystone Umami Powder ingredients are Shiitake mushrooms powder, Italian tomato powder, Sea salt, Shiitake mushrooms extract, Onion Powder. With its savory taste and deeply satisfying flavor, the origin can go with any meals. Moreover, combining the UMAMI Keystone Umami Powder with the other UMAMI ingredients found in numerous different food, such as Glutamate (beans, tomato, etc.) and Inosinate (meat, fish, etc.), will boost the flavor up to 30 times.UMAMI Keystone Umami Powder is definitely a product you much try. Explore the 5th taste with UMAMI Keystone Umami recipes and enjoy the flavor.HP: UMAMI Keystone https://www.globalbrand.co.jp/To know more about UMAMI Keystone Umami, contactTakahiro YamadaGlobalbrand Inc+81-90-3555-5966[email protected]

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