Fed-up Kentucky fisherman starts online marketplace for custom tackle

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – 10-05-2018 (PRDistribution.com) —

The first-of-its-kind site launches just in time for deer and elk season

Kentucky-native Adam Gifford will launch TackleHack.com, an online marketplace startup that connects custom tackle sellers and buyers from all across America, on Oct. 19th at the 3rd Floor of the BBC Bourbon Barrel Loft in downtown Louisville, from 6 – 8 pm.

The site will act as the first-ever, peer to peer marketplace for handcrafted hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear, as well as other apparel and accessories.

The idea came to Gifford two years ago, as he frustratingly searched for a custom-painted lure he needed for an upcoming fishing tournament.

“I was searching ‘custom tackle’ and ‘custom lure’ on Google, Instagram, Facebook, you name it,” Gifford, an avid fisherman, and outdoorsman from Somerset, Ky, said. “Several hours had gone by and nothing. Trying to find and contact sellers was so aggravating and time-consuming. That’s when the idea just kind of popped out at me.”

According to the latest U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey, Americans aged 16+ spend roughly $15 billion a year on fishing and hunting equipment alone. Big box stores like Bass Pro Shops account for a large portion of those sales, but don’t offer custom designed gear – a significant but harder to find portion of the industry.

Custom vendors often times work out of their garages, are located in more remote areas and lack the time and resources for marketing. But the demand for the exceptional quality of handcrafted gear is high, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of members of custom tackle business pages on social media.

So, for the next two years, in his free time and on weekends, Gifford used his own money to start building the site from scratch, while spreading the word to individual vendors via their company sites or at trade shows and fishing tournaments.  Since the site was just opened for vendor postings this week, the current listings are limited but growing every day as word spreads in the gaming community.

 New vendors are messaging him every day and are excited, Gifford said, that their products might finally reach a greater audience.

“Any avid fisherman or hunter will tell you: custom manufacturers, hands down make the best gear in America,” he said. “And if I can make it easier for them to have their products known, then I’m happy. Because custom products are born from passion, not profits, and that results in amazing quality.”

For more information about TackleHack, please visit www.TackleHack.com

Contact: Adam Gifford      
Tel: (606) 872-5040
Email:[email protected]                                                               
Website: www.tacklehack.com   

Media Contacts:

Company Name: TackleHack, LLC
Full Name: Adam Gifford
Phone: 606-872-5040
Email Address: Send Email
Website: TackleHack.com

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