FemCap CEO and Medical Director Dr. Alfred Shihata, is the inventor of the patented and FDA-approved unique FemCap (cervical cap), www.femcap.com. The FemCap is ideal for women who cannot tolerate the side effects of hormonal birth control and do not like to use the condom. In addition, the FemmyCycle menstrual cup, www.femmycycle.com is ideal for active, athletic women, and those seeking an alternative to pads and tampons. Therefore, FemCap, Inc. is excited about this unique conference and opportunity.

“FemCap is committed to improving the choices in women’s reproductive health without sacrificing their natural hormones. We’ve committed to making products that address the unmet needs of women, and we must continue to partner with events, like CYCLES + SEX, that can help us reach the people we’re trying to mutually serve.”

“Scientific information on sex, menstruation, birth control and reproductive health is hard to find, intimidating, disparate and dated,” explains Ash Spivak, co-creator of CYCLES + SEX and reproductive health advocate. “This information couldn’t be more vital to our overall health and well-being. We believe the time is now to activate, innovate and educate women about their brilliant bodies.”

CYCLES + SEX happens on Saturday, November 4 from 11am to 7:00pm Pacific time at THE SPRINGS 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

Dr. Shihata will join other experts for a panel on Hormone-Free Birth Control contributing to a well-rounded series of lectures, presentations and conversations on the most pressing issues in women’s reproductive health.

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SOURCE FemCap, Inc.

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