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Ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes at one of the most prestigious residential buildings in New York City — a multiple dwelling Upper East Side building located on Fifth Avenue, where the 0.01 percent of society pretends to commingle with the meager 1 percent — and jaw-droppingly told through the introspective eyes of an intelligent, browbeaten, misanthropic, self-medicating doorman? Edgartown Colonial Publishing is tingling with excitement over the newly acquired electronic distribution rights to the provocative series of novels penned by reclusive Irish-American debut author, Daire Feeney.

“Never give in to psychiatry when in pursuit of the American Dream.” – Daire Feeney.

In his debut series of novels, Daire Feeney has been loosely described as Frank McCourt meets Chuck Palahniuk as he tells an unbelievable transgressive story of a Fifth Avenue doorman for which one reviewer remarked, imagine if the Nanny Diaries was authored by Hunter S. Thompson but the main characters were sociopathic Fifth Avenue doormen!

Never give in to psychiatry when in pursuit of the American Dream.

Daire Feeney, Author

BOAT SHOES – SOLILOQUY OF A USELESS EATER tells the story of a first-generation son of Irish immigrants who, after falling on hard financial times, and a subsequent failed suicide attempt, finds himself seeking employment at his old high school job as a Fifth Avenue doorman.

The reader follows the NYC native throughout a grueling 16-hour doorman shift as he is ridiculed by his employers, plied with narcotics by the old guard, sexually assaulted by residents, and becomes witness — and participant — to a wide range of inconceivable acts of moral turpitude; all in the pursuit of his specious American Dream.

Book One of the series will be exclusively available to users of Amazon Kindle beginning Dec. 11. Kindle users can pre-order both Book One and Book Two of the series immediately.

For an advance review copy of Book One, please e-mail: [email protected], visit: or call: 212-401-4889.


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