LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 10-31-2018 ( — Telecom Infrastructure Partnership Summit – Athonet, as part of the TIP Edge Computing Workgroup demonstration with BT, launched its BubbleCloud on the AWS Marketplace. The BubbleCloud is the world’s first mobile core network on the public cloud with a distributed edge architecture that is available commercially any-where-in-the-world for 5G-type use cases such as low latency connectivity for video, AR/VR & gaming, Industry 4.0 and V2X for cloud-assisted vehicles. The demo used an end-to-end software- defined mobile-network from cloud mobile core to applications and LTE radio.

As mobile operators face long and expensive trials and deployments to bring 5G to market, Athonet launched the 5G-Ready BubbleCloud on AWS Marketplace from under US$ 99 a month to allow simple and cost-effective deployment of 5G use-cases now and seamlessly bridge to 5G without the high capex, high risk investment cycles of legacy providers. 
Athonet’s BubbleCloud allows mobile operators, governments and enterprises to deploy mobile networks today that include the following essential requirements for new generation mobile networks:•WEBSCALE MOBILE CORE – Mobile core running on the AWS cloud that is validated for webscale workloads;•APPLICATION INTEGRATION – Seamless integration with AWS IoT platform to allow any SIM based device to instantly connect, authenticate and securely utilise thousands of AI, machine learning and other IoT applications on AWS; and•DISTRIBUTED USER PLANE FUNCTION – Distributed edge cloud, anticipating the 5G user plane, which allows users to deploy edge computing and end-to-end network slicing applications for AR, VR, V2X AND Industrial IoT
“Athonet allows mobile operators to demonstrate advanced LTE and 5G-relevant edge computing use-cases to customers in a very agile way. This accelerates validation with customers and the path to new digital services. The collaboration with other TIP members for content and radio solutions shows the benefit of the TIP community in developing innovative solutions for mobile operators,” said Maria Cuevas, Head of Converged Core Network and Services Research Team, BTWith the Athonet BubbleCloud, mobile operators are freed from the Big Bang, high capex, high risk legacy telecoms investment cycles and can deploy 5G-type networks and services using the unrivalled agility, scalability and cost structure of the public cloud. The BubbleCloud, unleashes the power of Industrial IoT, Digital and Secure Enterprise, Smart Cities and Smart Grids, Connected and Autonomous Cars or the Connected Home. The service is also available for CBRS, sXGP and other users of spectrum for industrial and public safety purposes.During the TIP Summit, Athonet demonstrated live with BT, one of the world’s leading telecom operators, low latency edge video applications running on the local user-plane at the summit venue in London with control plane functions running in the AWS cloud in the West Coast United States. Other TIP Community partners included Qwilt for video applications and Lime Microsystems for software defined radio.The BubbleCloud LTE Mobile Core is available as a commercial network-as-a-service on the AWS Marketplace beginning for less that U$ 99 a month. It software upgrades, with no hardware impacts, to Athonet’s full 5G-core on release.“Athonet showed for the first time, a commercial service that demonstrates the potential of what the new generation, cloud native, mobile network can do. BubbleCloud allows operators to realise digital revenues today and fulfil 5G-type use cases without the cost, complexity, long lead-times and PAIN of legacy providers”, added Karim El Malki, CEO of Athonet USA.

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