Press Release updated: Sep 27, 2017 10:00 EDT

Time matters. Every day that new drugs and therapies are delayed, people continue to suffer and die. At 3-5%, clinical trial participation is too low to meet enrollment requirements that will keep the drug discovery process moving efficiently forward, enabling more rapid approvals for new life-saving medicines and saving lives.

Historically, enrolled patients in a clinical trial relied exclusively on research coordinators and research nurses to manage their experience with little to no assistance from technology tools. ClinOne’s technology suite radically changes this process.

ClinOne’s patient-facing technology, ClinTrialConnect, has reinvented how patients learn, share, manage and interact with clinical trials, raising the bar for patient experience. The online portal guides patients through the clinical trial decision-making process, manages their appointments, tracks reimbursable expenses and provides access to resources, not just for the patients, but their entire families and support networks. 

According to Rob Bohacs, ClinOne CEO, “It’s time to dramatically rethink how patients interact with clinical trials once they have made such a significant, and at times, life-altering decision. Technology has transformed our daily lives, mainly for the better, and we need to expand these solutions for patients who are the most critical stakeholders in clinical trials. I am a little surprised that it’s really taken this long to pioneer the concept of patient experience by such a sophisticated industry, however, we are pleased to be leading the evolution.”

This ClinOne solution provides greater connectivity among clinical trial sponsors, research sites, and patients. The solution also removes a significant administrative burden from the research sites with digital appoint management, visit reminders, expense management and general details of each study visit. ClinTrialConnect not only enables better patient care, it is saving hundreds of administrative person-hours for research site personnel. 

ClinTrialConnect is provided to patients during their entire clinical trial experience for as little as $5 per month per patient. The improved patient experience goes a long way toward ensuring that patients are satisfied throughout the trial and stay on-study to complete the trial.

Source: ClinOne, Inc.

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