Several associates from Fortis Enterprises traveled to Dallas for a conference in August. The firm’s Director and admin shared their thoughts on the event and the benefits of business travel.

Press Release updated: Oct 27, 2017 09:00 EDT

​Team travel events build morale and enhance engagement. That’s the shared opinion of Fortis Enterprises leaders, which is why they send their associates on a wide range of business trips. The most recent took several team members to Dallas for a conference in August. Jessica, an admin with the company, stated, “It was an eye-opening experience for some of our top leaders and I hope it motivates them to work even harder.”

Istvan, the firm’s Director of Operations, remarked, “I like the fact that we can provide so many travel opportunities for our team. They get to learn more about each other on a personal level when they venture out to a big conference. The fact that they gain valuable insights from all types of accomplished people during these events makes it even better.”

The Director also appreciates an underrated benefit of business travel – the adaptability that gets strengthened with every trip. “Our team members learn to adjust to changing circumstances when we hit the road,” he noted. “Itinerary changes can occur at any time during a conference. Travel arrangements can also turn on a dime, so it’s important to be mentally agile. This is also true of keeping Fortis Enterprises at the forefront of a competitive industry.”

“It was an eye-opening experience for some of our top leaders and I hope it motivates them to work even harder.”

Jessica, Admin

Fortis Enterprises’ Admin Details the Dallas Conference and Its Many Benefits

The Dallas conference offered a host of benefits to those who attended. Jessica commented, “Our team members were able to interact with influential business leaders and gain knowledge on what makes them so successful. They also discussed best practices with their high-performing peers from across the country. I’m sure our people are ready to apply what they learned to tackle our big fourth-quarter Fortis Enterprises goals.”

Networking was another focal point of the event for the representatives of Team Fortis Enterprises. Istvan added, “A gathering like the conference in Dallas brings so many talented people together. The networking potential is amazing, but you must approach it with care. We remind our associates to do some research before the event gets underway so that they know exactly who they want to meet. With some background information in mind, it’s easier to find common ground and come up with a strong icebreaker.”

The Director also tells team members to set realistic goals when it comes to the number of new contacts. He continued, “You need to focus on quality rather than quantity when you expand your network at a big event. It’s always better to have a few long conversations than to collect a huge stack of business cards.”

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