ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN – 10-29-2018 — Cheating death: a problem to be solved, a moral and ethical dilemma, or a gilded cage of latter-day regrets? Paul Michael Peters’ new book opens an insight into the lives of those who open a Pandora’s box of immortality – and asks readers whether humans are really meant to be immortal, after all.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that humans dislike getting older and that by 2021 the anti-aging industry is expected to reach $331.41bn in the never-ending quest for youth – the first stepping stone to immortality of a kind.
But how might people fundamentally change if they were to suddenly acquire a godlike, never-ending lifespan, and is it truly for the better? American author Paul Michael Peters asks this question in his new Audible book, Insensible Loss, which is narrated by Linnea Sage. The book is also available for purchase on Amazon
“At the core of this book is a deceptively simple question to answer: ‘If you had the chance to live forever, would you take it?’ Insensible Loss puts a unique twist on the fountain of youth by following the centuries-long journal of two people who drank from it, and how it changed them – for better or worse,” said Peters.
“For all that they gain, they also lose a lot as well – I wanted to write something that dealt with an almost fantastical subject realistically; how does an immortal handle the endless cycle of human suffering, loss, and death? It’s one thing to fight the ravages of age – quite another to live forever. With technology progressing to the stage where immortality may be within our grasp, are we truly ready for it?”
Insensible Loss is a new take on the classic literary quest for the fountain of youth, exploring the ethics that drive people who have acquired it; what will people do to stay alive forever, and how does that change their fundamental human nature?
Although people have been seeking immortality – or at least, the fountain of youth – since the first gray hair was discovered, striding advances in technology mean that the literary myths may one day be a reality sooner rather than later.
It’s Not the Fountain of Youth as We Know It, JimRather than popping anti-aging pills, slathering our skin with anti-wrinkle creams, and gingerly stepping in front of laser machines to force the years to drop off, the extremely wealthy now have the opportunity to cheat the reaper.
Silicon Valley evangelists of the transhumanism movement such as Peter Thiel and Jeff Bezos have poured $116m into Unity Biotechnology, a company that seeks to halt or even reverse age-associated diseases. Other companies, such as Ambrosia and Calico are mixing biology and engineering to fight the ravages of Chronos.
As the question of death and immortality moves from a metaphysical problem into a technical one – just dip yourself into liquid nitrogen until the fountain of youth is found – yet more may simply upload their brain into the cloud, presenting a potential sci-fi future where nobody truly dies until the digital archives are turned off forever. 
Peters’ book, Insensible Loss, comes at a point in time when humans are close to finding the fountain of youth and immortality. Unlike the billionaire tech evangelists of Silicon Valley, he begs a simple, more profound question: is humanity truly ready for the myriad changes and ethical dilemmas that are bound to come with it?
For more information about Insensible Loss, please visit all general and media inquiries, please contact Paul Michael Peters at [email protected]. The Audible version of the book, narrated by Linnea Sage, can be purchased here.
About Paul Michael PetersPaul Michael Peters is a top-selling American author whose books explore the human condition – and the stories and myth that build up around the usual and not-so-usual of daily life. For more information about Paul Michael Peters, please visit the author’s website, where he regularly posts short stories before publication, alongside tales and photography of his frequent travels and adventure in search of stories to tell.

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