Fall Gods & Goddesses Free Book Giveaway

USA – 10/31/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Author J.T. Dusky, along with Instafreebie, is having a free book giveaway between the dates of November 4, 2017 and November 12, 2017.  The giveaway deals with all kinds of ebooks with ancient Gods and Goddesses as characters.   Some of the books in the giveaway are entire novels while others are previews of novels.  There is also a variety of short stories and novellas. 

J.T. Dusky’s short story, “2018 The Return of Ra,” is fiction but includes actual celestial events that point to the return of the ancient Egyptian God Ra.  Another short story in the giveaway also deals with ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.  Blythe Ayne is the author of “When Fields Hum and Glow,” which deals with crop circles and discusses whether they are instructions for the return of the ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. 

There are 30 more authors of free ebooks in this excellent giveaway all pertaining somehow with religion, or Gods and Goddesses.  J.T. Dusky has handpicked some of his favorites and they are on his blog.  Here you will find “Urban Mythic” which is a collection of 13 novels that include Norse and Greek gods, Demons and Djinn, Angels, and Vampires.

In this giveaway, you can also choose to read about a reincarnated Goddess who is known as, “The Clay Queen.”  Another preview, “Shadows of the Gods is about demigods that are running from Gods that control a government agency. 

If you like to read fiction stories of Gods and Goddesses, you will surely find an excellent read in this giveaway.  Here are more examples of the free works offered in the giveaway: 

Sleeping Gods by Matt Eaton is about a photograph taken by an astronaut of Apollo 8 revealing a planet near the moon.  Powerful people around the world see the photo and now will do almost anything to bury it! 

Torc of Moonlight by Linda Acaster is an extract about Alice who has a British Celtic past.

Goddess Awakening by Araya Evermore is a preview.  Fraya is a woman blessed by the goddess and her companion is a warrior that follows the Old Ways.

Religious monks are also represented in this giveaway.  Author Rex Sumner is offering you, “Feeding the Dragon.”   This work is a short story where you’ll be immersed in a fantasy.  The monks are combing the countryside looking for food for the dragon, and that food is kids!

If you like magic and mayhem, “Melkorka” could be the ebook for you.  Branimer becomes a most likely hero in this fantasy novel by author Joshua Robertson.

Yet another short preview is, “If There Be Giants by Ellison Blackburn.  A creature is discovered that could shake the religious faith of millions.

In “Songweaver’s Vow,” a preview by Laura Vanarendonkbaugh, a woman is sacrificed to a God and becomes a storyteller spinning ancient Greek tales to entertain Asgard’s gods and monsters.

Still another hot pick in this large giveaway is a novel called, “Discern” by author Andrea Pearson.  In this novel there are disappearances at a popular national park then there are monsters from another dimension and Nicole who can’t use her magic.

There are just too many ebooks to mention in this giveaway so take a few minutes and check out all them.  You won’t be disappointed!

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