B2B Commerce Platform

B2B Commerce Platform

FromOzz is a global platform connecting producers, buyers, and business partners from all over the world – Sebastian Jaramillo, FromOzz CEO

FromOzz, the New High-Impact Digital EcoSystem, just launched in the B2B world with a disruptive platform connecting producers, buyers, and business partners from all over the world.

FromOzz decentralizes global commerce, ensuring development for every country.

Today, it is more difficult than ever to consider economic development without foreign trade. There is no longer room for the utopia of closed and “uncoupled” economies of the world market, which organize their economy through minimal country partnerships

One characteristic of modern times is the integration of markets into a vast global network that offers many technological and organizational innovations. Avoiding that network is the main problem poor and emerging countries face, because it stagnates them in poverty and limits their progress.

FromOzz is a global economic-political solution aiming to achieve decentralization and end reliance on unique economies. Politics influences trade and development, but today we live in an unstable environment, dependent on few countries. The problem with this is that the world must advance, diversifying its exports and imports, not only to a few countries, but taking advantage of a global network, which will allow them to reach many.

Many countries in the world advance quickly with excellent production capacity but with poor export capabilities due to the complexity of global distribution and lack of knowledge of the emerging markets in the world.

If anything, we can be sure the world economy is in limbo. Its dangerous centralization means a few countries dominate all global trade.

According to FromOzz Co-Founder and CEO, Sebastian Jaramillo, FromOzz is a global platform uniting producers, buyers, and business partners from all over the world.

FromOzz helps producers diversify and increase their exports with leading technology making their products available to those who need them most and connecting them with buyers from around the World.

For FromOzz Co-Founders – CEO, Sebastian Jaramillo, and COO, Juan Olea – the most challenging aspect was to integrate all the various types of companies involved in the global commerce chain. This led them to pursue partnerships with the export agencies of various countries. FromOzz recently launched FromOzz INTRA, allowing FromOzz to work hand in hand with countries’ export agencies, where FromOzz develops, implements, and maintains a personalized negotiation/buying portal for each country within FromOzz. Now, each country can facilitate the communication and negotiation between its producers, buyers, freight forwarders, consolidators, banks, and all business partners. Through its own export agency, each country can maximize its value to its producers and buyers, focusing on diversification and increasing exports. This is the main focus of FromOzz.

Undoubtedly, this group of young entrepreneurs has found a niche and a place where FromOzz will become a major player in global trade, helping to reach countries more diverse and distant from each producer and buyer. If our global economy cannot find new alternatives, they will need to diversify in the near future and they will not have the tools to do so. If this happens, we will face a great crisis. FromOzz anticipates this situation and offers, through state-of-the-art technology, a new alternative of globalizing producers from around the world.

The top five countries in the world represent more than 32% of all the global exports. We need decentralization!

FromOzz is a start-up that will simplify global commerce and global trade for good!

For more information, please go to http://www.fromozz.com

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