DENVER, COLORADO – 09-20-2018 ( — Denver, CO firm FusionAuth ( has launched an enterprise identity management platform that is 100% free for unlimited users. Installing in minutes, FusionAuth can be used for any application including web and mobile. FusionAuth provides all the features companies need including login, registration, SSO, MFA, emailing, localization and much more.

Built for developers, all of the features of FusionAuth are available for free for unlimited users rather than the feature-crippled or user-limited versions from other vendors. According to FusionAuth CEO, Brian Pontarelli, “Identity is a core app component like a database or web server. It should be simple to integrate without restrictions. Developers execute one command to install FusionAuth and the REST API is ready to use. They can get started with pre-built client libraries, or dive into the documentation and start building. Best of all, they can add it to any application in minutes with no restrictions, purchase orders, or licenses to worry about.” 

Brian continues: “We believe strongly that user data security is vital for all companies. Hacks and security breaches are escalating at a rate never seen before. With our launch of FusionAuth as a free platform, no longer is top-notch security reserved for just Fortune 500 firms. Companies of any size can use FusionAuth, saving them thousands over what most Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platforms charge per month.”

FusionAuth’s deployment model is a new approach to identity. Developers can download FusionAuth directly to their local computer, the same way they download MySQL. This means that FusionAuth can also be deployed to any server, anywhere in the world.

Regarding this deployment model, Brian said: “We heard from developers that cloud-only identity solutions were challenging to use. It was hard to isolate developers from each other, work offline, or setup staging, QA or multiple production environments. Companies also told us that often they were in gross violation of local laws because their data was not stored in their country. We built FusionAuth for maximum flexibility. Not only is it single-tenant for added security, but it can be run anywhere on any operating system.”

About FusionAuth

FusionAuth was designed and built by security and identity pros with over 50 combined years experience developing software for Fortune 500 companies. It has been battle-tested in high-volume industries from finance to gaming and deployed on servers around the globe. For more information or to schedule an interview with the makers of FusionAuth, call 720-675-9991 or visit

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