HOUSTON, TX – 01-03-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Following the initial announcement of their intent to acquire, Gestalt has finalized it’s acquisition of WeCrowd Capital, a FinTech crowdfunding platform. WeCrowd offered an early stage investment solution for early-stage startups, while democratizing investment opportunities for unaccredited investors. 

Gestalt is a boutique investment and growth advisory firm focused on value creation through business strategy, growth acceleration and corporate development services to high growth businesses. WeCrowd’s technology presented a great opportunity for Gestalt to buy versus build a scalable modular platform to increase value to its current group of portfolio companies, while positioning the firm and its portfolio for greater scale and investor utility in its forward looking vision. Heath Butler, Managing Partner of Gestalt and a seasoned executive, serial entrepreneur and angel investor with more than fifteen years of leadership experience operating startups, mid-sized and multi-billion dollar organizations, commented, “We are pleased to add WeCrowd to the Gestalt family. WeCrowd built sufficient market traction and a platform that aligns well with Gestalt’s maturity roadmap. I am excited to further mature their modular platform, to deliver next-generation solutions for our portfolio and growing enterprise client base.” “It was a pleasure working with Heath and the Gestalt team to arrive at this point. My vision when launching WeCrowd was purposeful and driven by lowering the barriers to entry for both startups and investors. Gestalt is a great group and proved their long-term interest in building further value into the platform that aligns with the future vision of Gestalt. I’m enthused with what we were able to accomplish and happy to see Gestalt, take the platforms utility to the next level,” said Brandon Bruce, Founder of WeCrowd Capital. About Gestalt Growth Advisors:Based in Houston, Texas, investment and growth advisory Gestalt Growth Advisors focuses on delivering value for its investment portfolio and stakeholders, while advising businesses (whether struggling or reinventing) to discover, plan and execute what’s next. The group specializes in driving transformative growth initiatives for its portfolio companies and high-growth enterprise clients. Gestalt has operated in this space since 2008. For more information, visit https://www.gestaltadvisors.com/

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