H3 Concepts’ Director of Operations discussed the firm’s expansion into San Antonio. She also shared her best tips for successfully entering new markets.

Press Release updated: Oct 27, 2017 09:00 CDT

H3 Concepts continues to strengthen its reputation as a leader in the marketing and consulting services industry. With its success come opportunities for growth, which company leaders are working to maximize. Laura, the Director of Operations, explained, “We’re currently preparing to expand into the San Antonio market, so it’s an exciting time to be part of the H3 Concepts team.”

Laura believes this venture is coming at just the right time for her team members. She remarked, “With everything that happened with Hurricane Harvey, this expansion is just what our associates and our company as a whole needed. I’m ready to see our people apply their unique talents in a fresh territory and experience the morale boost that comes with doing so. We want to make the fourth quarter and the years to come memorable for our company, the brands we promote, and for the entire city of Houston.”

There are several campaigns ready to launch as soon as the new office in San Antonio is up and running. The Director added, “We want to hit the ground running and impress consumers with our innovative promotions. More major markets are in our sights, so we also want to set the right tone for our future expansion efforts.”

“We’re currently preparing to expand into the San Antonio market, so it’s an exciting time to be part of the H3 Concepts team.”

Laura, Director of Operations

H3 Concepts’ Director Offers Advice for Successful Expansions

Laura knows the importance of doing careful research before any expansion venture. She stated, “It’s essential to explore available market data so that you understand the competition and/or your new customer demographics. There are plenty of free online research tools that can help you home in on the right approach to make the most of a market’s potential. This has been a big part of our H3 Concepts journey to San Antonio. We feel we have a good sense of the region’s needs and wants.”

Having an agile team is another key element of successful expansion. Adaptability is a core H3 Concepts value, which makes the Director even more confident about future growth prospects. She commented, “Our people have proven their abilities to change course at a moment’s notice. They’re prepared to adapt to shifting circumstances, which are common in our competitive industry. I have no doubt that they will thrive as they get used to the San Antonio marketplace.”

About H3 Concepts

Concepts, Inc. specializes in crafting memorable dynamic promotions that generate lasting growth. The firm’s expertly- trained brand ambassadors apply the latest research methods to reach targeted audiences and leave customers wanting more. By doing so, they accelerate market share growth for the brands they represent. By emphasizing interactive marketing the firm’s associates maximize the power of engaging consumer experiences to forge meaningful relationships with brands. As a result, H3 Concepts, Inc. has solidified its reputation as a dependable industry leader. The firm is poised to expand into major new markets. For more information, visit H3Concepts-Inc.com.

Source: H3 Concepts, Inc.

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