USA – 01-03-2019 ( — We know that choosing the right bedding is not always easy in fact, it is rarely easy. The quality of the sleep depends on the choice of the appropriate bedding. Every day we are wrapped in bedding for at least 7 hours. Since we are in direct contact with the material from which the bedding is made, quality materials and adequate maintenance are especially important, to improve your sleep experience.

Heavenluxe launches sheets made of 100% Austrian Tencel, available in their online store to make the best sleeping experience ever. They are proud to say their sheets are a synonym for the luxury of paradise and sure that with one touch of the Heavenluxe sheet you will be able to tell the difference from other materials instantly.Austrian Tencel is the most comfortable and softest fabric made from eucalyptus trees and engineered in Austria to be the holy grail of all fabric – feathery soft yet beautiful. Tencel is pleasant in contact with the skin and suitable for even the most sensitive skin and are Oeko-Tex certified, odor-resistant and chemical-free, which makes it perfect for babies too. It is characterized by its softness, luxuriousness, airiness, shock resistance. Austrian Tencel spills excess moisture by releasing it into the atmosphere while simultaneously cooling the body naturally. It is soft as silk, strong as polyester, airy like linen, warm as wool and absorbs moisture like cotton. It is actually softer and smoother than cotton and 500x thinner in fibers than cotton sheets.Heavenluxe sheets provide the best sleeping experience! Ecologically and 100% biodegradable material, ideal for people who have a highly developed ecological awareness. Using award-winning material for sheets, and universal pocket fit,  Heavenluxe offers to customers the best product available on the market. Shopping those sheets through their online store gives an easy and fast shopping, with a great price. The quality of these beautiful sheets is not affected by the fact that Heavenluxe has excluded the costs of wholesale, renting and licensing, and in this way, customers get more and save more.“After months and months of experimenting, we finally engineered the most comfortable sheets made from Austrian Tencel™ using our Luxeweave Technology. It has become my mission ever since to not only offer the best sheets in the world but also to inspire a community around sleep and empower people to pursue their dreams”, said Xenon Tan, Founder of Heavenluxe.Luxe Tencel Sheet Set is available in four sizes in natural, no dye, angel white color. The online store offers a 60 days money-back guarantee.To live healthily and in harmony with nature means also sleeping comfortably. Heavenlux is a company that takes care of your healthy sleep on the highest quality. Your bedroom is much more than a sleeping area. That’s why it’s time to equip it with Heavenlux sheets. For more information or to get in touch visit website:

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