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On 23-24th of September, the second Super League triathlon took place on Jersey Island. The Super League is introducing a brand new, fast-paced triathlon format to reach millions of people worldwide. During the Super League Jersey event, HeiQ sponsored the triathlon suits for the athletes who entered the corporate relay to support the MaccaNow Foundation.

MaccaNow is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by the Australian two-times Ironman Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack. His foundation is raising funds for athletes and their family members who are fighting cancer. Chris McCormack explains, Triathlon is a very small, tight-knit family, and you don’t realize how many people are struck down by illnesses that rob families of so much. That’s how we came about forming the foundation. We all travel around the world racing and raising awareness of cancer and other illnesses. HeiQ was pleased to support the foundation’s cause by providing the fast and sophisticated tri-suits at the Super League.

The suit material was co-innovated with HeiQ’s Italian fabric mill partner Taiana and contains versatile Swiss HeiQ finishing technology. Taiana’s special woven structure gives the stretch fabric extreme ratio between weight and compression. HeiQ’s secret finishing was applied to further reduce chafing, allow for quick drying and improve hydro- and aerodynamic properties. While HeiQ and Taiana handled… Read more!

HeiQ interview with Chris McCormack about the MaccaNow Foundation

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