Vitatech Electromagnetics, a third-party EMF engineering company, confirms High Tech Health International’s achievement: their identification and measurement of the largest fields located at the surface of High Tech Health’s backrest heater found a maximum electric field that is 91% lower than Vitatech’s recommended long-term human health maximum exposure of 1 volt/meter, and a maximum magnetic field that is 72% lower than Vitatech’s recommended maximum exposure of 12.57 milligauss.  At the surface of the backrest in the sauna, the maximum magnetic field was found to be only 0.36 milligauss, or 97% lower than Vitatech’s recommended maximum exposure level.

Erik Johnson, CEO of High Tech Health and the inventor behind the patent, adds “Not only did we make the first third-party proven low electric field heater, we made the first lowest total EMF heater. Electric field levels at the surface of heaters in competing saunas are hundreds to literally thousands of times higher than Vitatech’s recommended maximum prolonged exposure level. Health practitioners have been asking for a truly low EMF infrared sauna for a long time and we are excited to be able to bring it to them.”

About High Tech Health International, Inc.: High Tech Health International, Inc. has been producing infrared saunas for the medical community and health-minded individuals since 1997.

Erik Johnson
[email protected]

SOURCE High Tech Health International, Inc.

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