MIAMI, FLORIDA – 12-13-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Hitch-Hyke app brings together riders with rides conveniently.

Hitch-Hyke is the brainchild of Roy Rubio, founder of Hitch-Hyke LLC. Roy was in a unique position when he realized what would become the Hitch-Hyke app. While in downtown Miami, Roy was contacted by his roommate about picking up a visiting friend at Miami International Airport before continuing home. Accepting the request, Roy then offered a fare to the roommate’s friend for a ride back his house, the ride fare was countered and an accepted fare was agreed upon. At this point Roy realized there was a market for quick simple rides, hitch hiking if you will, if only people had a quick and easy method in which to conduct the transactions. Hitch-Hyke was born.

Hitch-Hyke has two straight forward parts to the app – “driver” and “rider”. For drivers you simply set your path with the app, this allows riders to know you are available. Drivers can also use the Hitch-Hyke app to adjust their route based on available riders. Finally, drivers set a rate they would like while riders have the option to accept or negotiate a better price.

Riders can use Hitch-Hyke to find secure, economical, rides to their destinations. Hitch-Hyke offers riders and drivers the opportunity to negotiate rates prior to accepting the agreement. Hitch-Hyke offers location and path tracking of the driver along with a picture of the driver for safer commutes. Payments are made via cash at the destination.

Parcel delivery is also available on Hitch-Hyke. On agreed upon delivery fee, the Hitch-Hyke driver takes a geo tagged photo of the parcel at it’s origin to pick up the parcel. When the parcel is delivered, the Hitch-Hyke driver takes a second geo tagged photo of the same parcel to complete the parcel delivery. This is ideal for immediate shipment of items where traditional services would takes days to complete the same operation.

Potential drivers are checked, and their identity verified to prevent any inconveniences while using the Hitch-Hyke app.

Hitch-Hyke allows drivers to earn cash driving to destinations they were already going to while giving riders safe and economical transportation at negotiated prices. Ride, or drive, with Hitch-Hyke on your next trip. Hitch-Hyke is available on Google Play for drivers or riders.

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