ATLANTA & LONDON – 12-31-2018 ( — The Paris Climate Agreement was a triumph after decades of trying to get the leaders of the world’s economies to agree to mitigate — though not fully avoid — catastrophic climate change. One hundred and seventy five parties (The European Union’s twenty-eight member states signed as a single entity) agreed to limit global temperature rise to under 2° C.

On October 8th, 2018, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a shocking report  “Global Warming of 1.5° C.” In it, thousands of leading scientists lay out the massive difference in risk and damage to the planet between 1.5° C and 2° C rise in temperatures.

It also addressed the massive gap between what was promised at Paris and what has been delivered so far, and puts a drop-dead date for fossil fuel emissions to end at 2040 instead of 2050. It called for the rapid global deployment of “Drawdown Technology.” The number of drawdown sites needed is 10,000 pulling 50 billion tons of CO2e annually out of the atmosphere.  There are currently  only 18 drawdown sites pulling  32 million tons  of CO2 out of the atmosphere annually.

HiveMind’s Mycelium Vaults Stop & Can Even Reverse Catastrophic Climate Change
HiveMind has developed a green roof inoculated with mycelium that sequesters one hundred tons of CO2e per 1,000 square feet.  They coined the term  “mycelium vaults” because they sequester CO2 for over a thousand years. They are  modular so can be deployed on an office building, factory or warehouse  of up to 1 million square feet within a week. They also inoculate forests, farmland, meadows, and even urban lots. Plans for 2019 included programs in the Rockies, Amazon, and Himalayas. 

HiveMind already has two of the world’s top ten CO2 emitters as clients: Cummins Diesel and Shell Oil and are in talks with several more big players including the French utility Engie, global real estate company CBRE, and IKEA. Their pilot project for Shell is a mycelium inoculated green roof on top of a gas station in London. If the pilot works then Shell is considering rolling the program out to 25,000 Shell gas stations worldwide.

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