ODESSA, FL – 01-07-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — A young teenager, an older male predator, and a house full of women under the man’s control.

No, this article is not a repeat of the allegations against R&B singer R. Kelly. The claims of decades of abuse and mental torture of women that joined his “family” are now well documented by a six-part special that appeared on cable television.

“Never A $7 Wh*re” is the true crime memoir of Toni Crowe who as a teenager was seduced away from her family and friends to move to Cleveland with a much older man.

“Never A $7 Wh*re”, a 5-star Readers Favorite, reveals the process that her man, Prince, used to convince Toni to move away to pursue her dreams.  Her dreams were not those of the young women allegedly preyed upon by R. Kelly. Those young girls wanted to be singers. R. Kelly’s status as a multi-award winning superstar provided him with the cover needed to allegedly convince young women to tolerate his total control of their life including physical and sexual abuse.

The lure for our protagonist is a glamorous modeling career, a hook that slowly but surely worked its way into her subconscious and subverted her judgment. Once she was under his control, he moved her away from home and into a house with three other women.

Book one of this six-part memoir details the change in her relationship with her male companion that occurred once Toni was in Cleveland. It follows their relationship from the moment they meet at a Chicago El station until the moment she when she finally escapes his clutches.

“Never a $7 Wh*re” was the #1 Hot New Release in 4 categories in its first thirty days. It earned the Amazon bestseller banner receiving 40 reviews with an average of 4.7/5.0.

To fully understand how young teenagers can be guided into terrible situations by an older man…read “Never A $7 Wh*re” now.

Available on http://www.tonicrowewriter.com and https://www.amazon.com 

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