NEW YORK, NY – 12-11-2018 ( — Many entrepreneurs struggle with creating a unique message or offer that truly attracts their audience. They push aside their innate message because it doesn’t fit the industry or social standard box. These entrepreneurs put the wisdom of others before their own instincts. And with that, they set their brands and businesses up to fail.

 20-year branding veteran, Ali Craig ( knows that there is branding wisdom and wealth in everyone’s weird. And it is in that “weird” that every brand’s unique message lies. Now it is human nature to want to hide what makes us different. Though on many levels we love what makes us different, we also instinctively know that sharing the weird won’t work if we want to well – live. This biological urge is hard for many to overcome even in this modern age of individuality. And though every business and branding expert will tell you that individuality is the only marketing play out there if you want to stand out and be noticed- we still struggle with seeing the wisdom in our weird. Therefore instead of embracing our quirks we whitewash them into commonplace – never truly embracing the wisdom that we truly have. Craig says, “When we share our unique perspective on the world, when we stop editing our internal voice and we simply share the wisdom as we see it with the world – it is then that we make the greatest connections with our core audience as well as feel the love and acceptance we have all been wanting all along. But we must embrace what makes us unique, find our brilliance so that we can make bank.”
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