MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 10-12-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Of the tens of thousands of aerial videos uploaded to AirVuz.com, many feature a certain country or region of the world. Thanks to curated collections of these videos, footage of those countries and regions are now found in one convenient location.


A team of AirVuz curation staff have hand-picked the best videos from dozens of countries and regions all over the world to produce hundreds of video collections. Those videos of countries and regions number in the thousands and are featured in hundreds of various collections.


While some of the collections feature popular travel destinations and drone hotspots like Hawaii or Italy, lesser-known regions and more remote countries have their own dedicated video collection pages on AirVuz. For example, while the Philippines is an often-droned location, there are many parts of the nation of islands represented in aerial footage. Four different regions of the Philippines have their own dedicated collections of curated videos on AirVuz, including the island of Luzon.


The country of Turkey is another nation featured in the “Regions” page of video collections. Five different regions of Turkey are showcased there, from Central Anatolia to the Black Sea region. Drone videos of Turkey can also be found in the “Countries” collection page.


Popular countries like Norway, Greece and Thailand all have their own video collections on AirVuz, with new videos added regularly. Other countries that may not be on every traveler or drone pilot’s radar also are in the spotlight on the collection page — from Albania to Cyprus to Slovakia, plus many more. 


Some content creators’ work can be found in multiple country and region collections. That includes award-winning drone pilot Mike Bishop, whose film “Awaken Iceland” is in both the Iceland and Scandinavia collections. Another of Bishop’s films, “Into The West – North America” is found in the Canada: West and USA: Pacific Northwest regional collections.


Collections that don’t focus on countries or regions can also be found on AirVuz.com. Those range from FPV drone racing to wedding footage to hot air balloons. Whatever your interest, chances are good you’ll find aerial footage of it on AirVuz.


For more information, contact Tyler Mason, Director of Public Relations, at [email protected].


About AirVuz

Since its launch in 2015, AirVuz has become the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform and global community for drone pilots and aerial media enthusiasts. Drone enthusiasts worldwide can upload and share videos and photos in unlimited quantity and at no cost. Site users have free access to an ever-growing library of drone media content including easily browsable curated collections grouped into easy-to-navigate groupings such as Countries, Cities, People, Regions, and Nature.  AirVuz users also have access to original AirVuz content, such as AirVuz News coverage of new drone industry applications and drone regulation.

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