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  • Technology veteran Rupert Spiegelberg joins IDnow as CEO
  • IDnow to Accelerate its International Expansion
  • Online Identity Verification and E-Signature Market Worth a Potential €10 bn annually

IDnow, one of Europe’s fastest growing FinTech companies in the online identity verification (Know Your Customer) sector, appointed Rupert Spiegelberg as its new Chief Executive as it looks to accelerate its international expansion plans.

Munich-based IDnow, founded in 2014 and now a 300 people business, is the preferred provider for video-based online identity verification and online signature services for the banking, insurance, car leasing and telecommunication sectors.

Online identity verification and e-signature is one of FinTech’s fastest growing areas and already a multi-billion euro market as financial services and other sectors seek to shift the customer experience to an online-only experience. This means they are accelerating the adoption of technologies that allow them to verify their customer’s identities without the need for paper documentation while remaining in compliance with European Anti-Money Laundering and electronic signature regulations. The European market for online identity verification and e-signature services could be worth as much as €10 billion per annum according to IDnow estimates.

Ensuring secure and reliable identity verification is one of the most important areas for online transactions today and IDnow´s patent-protected online identification technology is the best in the market.

Rupert Spiegelberg, IDnow Chief Executive

IDnow’s patented video-identification software enables companies to verify their customers’ identity in a few minutes – easy, secure and fully compliant with European and country-specific regulations. In combination with its e-signing solution IDnow eSign, IDnow’s technology significantly helps to improve both customer experience and new client conversion rates for its customers while meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

As digital consumers across Europe embrace the idea of paperless and seamless online contracts, IDnow has been expanding its activities beyond the German market to include amongst others clients in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Luxemburg and Switzerland, with France being next on the agenda. The company’s expansion plans are fueled by new online identification regulations with respect to anti-money laundering and electronic signature which are step by step being brought into effect throughout the European Union. IDnow is in contact with many regulatory authorities in several countries to bring in their experiences and expertise.

“Ensuring secure and reliable identity verification is one of the most important areas for online transactions today and IDnow´s patent-protected online identification technology is the best in the market,” said IDnow Chief Executive Rupert Spiegelberg. “Thanks to its cooperation with regulators across Europe, IDnow has the early lead in the video identification space. I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to build on IDnow´s success to date and look forward to working with my colleagues to build a global champion in this market.”

Rupert Spiegelberg was previously CEO of New York-based Investis Inc., a leading SaaS provider of investor relations and communications solutions for publicly-quoted companies. During his time at Investis, Rupert established the US company as the fastest growing in its sector with offices in New York and San Francisco. Prior to this, he led Investis´ European expansion and overall product strategy. He has more than 17 years experience building B2B technology businesses in Europe and the United States. He holds British and Swiss dual nationality and has an MBA from INSEAD. At IDnow, Rupert joins ranks with C-level Managers Michael Sittek, Armin Bauer and Sebastian Baerhold.

“I am delighted to welcome Rupert to the IDnow family and am very excited about our plans to roll out our services across Europe,” said Felix Haas, IDnow´s chairman and co-founder. “Rupert has an excellent track record building and growing technology companies in Germany and abroad and will be key to accelerating the success we have achieved so far.”

About IDnow GmbH
IDnow is one of Europe’s leading provider for identification and electronic signing products. The Munich software company develops and markets secure solutions for the electronic identification of persons as well as for contract signing via computer or smartphone. IDnow guarantees legal validity and the highest level of data security for its solutions. IDnow’s products address all business clients who acquire new customers online and want to offer AML-compliance and the conclusion of contracts online – e.g. online banks, modern retail banks, credit and finance providers, credit card providers, local authorities, and insurance companies. The FinTech’s clients include numerous leading companies like Commerzbank, UBS and N26. IDnow was founded in 2014 by Jet A, the company builder of the amiando founders.

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