NEW YORK,NY – 01-08-2019 ( — iFUN is an app that allows you to truly connect with your friends and family in the real world, not digitally. iFUN APP is an AI lifestyle management system, built to auto-fill your life with more fun & friends. Hanging out with your buddies now is an easier experience. 

We all got moments in life when we feel like no more work and need to get out and do something. Imagine there was this little magic that can auto-fill your life with friends and fun. Introducing the iFun App a multi-function artificial intelligence lifestyle system. The iFUN APP is a calendar, event organizer, online chat and payment app all built into one.

We believe, fun should be auto-built around your free time! We are pleased to announce we are launching the iFUN APP on Kickstarter. Come learn more and support our campaign at

About the iFUN APP: 

Like most people, you’re probably wasting too much time searching through Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup, public websites, etc. to find interesting events. Checking Google, iPhone, Outlook Calendars to match your free time with your friends is probably zapping the energy and fun out of you. You don’t need to use the try & luck method to see who is free to join you when you have the iFUN APP. With the secure payment features of the iFUN APP, you will not be on the hook for the whole expense. Your friends can pay their portion up front. 

About AI IT NY, INC:

AI IT NY, Inc. is an NYC based tech company, focusing on developing tech to better human life. We created iFUN, the first app that helps you coordinate with your friends to fill up free time with FUN time!

We have already partnered with Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, and others to help bring you a truly innovative app that will bring you and your friends, new experiences that you can share together. Get ready for the complete reboot of your social life with iFUN!


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Company Name: AI IT NY, INC
Full Name: Karen Xu
Phone: (310) 450 7731
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