NEW DELHI – 02-01-2019 ( — India Conservation Leader Nandankanan Zoological Park Joins Species360

As part of its important and ongoing work in species management and biodiversity, Nandankanan Zoological Park has joined Species360, continuing a membership that began as part of the 10-year Central Zoo Authority (CZA) partnership. Nandankanan is recognized for its unique expertise in sustaining and breeding populations of critically endangered species such as the Indian Pangolin, White Tiger, and Gharial crocodile.The park is an important member of the Species360 global community, which curates ZIMS, the world’s largest set of wildlife species data. Nandankanan staff use ZIMS to improve animal husbandry, medical care, breeding, enrichment, and species management operations. “As a member of Species360, Nandankanan Biological Park adds further insight to the global community and helps to steadily improve best practices in the welfare of wildlife,” said Peter Donlon, director of member development, Species360.About Species360Nonprofit Species360 is a member-based organization serving more than 1,100 aquatic, zoo, rescue and rehabilitation, education, sanctuary and field study institutions worldwide. Through the collaborative work of its members, Species360 hosts the largest set of wildlife species data in the world. Its ZIMS (Zoological Information Management System) for Husbandry, ZIMS for Aquatics, ZIMS for Studbooks, and ZIMS for Medical resources provide data aggregation and analytics tools that deliver a wealth of insights to in-situ and ex-situ programs.Species360 has approximately 25 staff providing member support, leading development of tools and solutions, spearheading research efforts, and more. Many of our team are also aquarists, population and animal management experts, veterinarians, and conservation scientists.

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