Through a new integration, business users can now quickly access and action on analytics

NEW YORK, NY – 09-26-2018 ( — Customer journey analytics is now more accessible than ever thanks to a new partnership between behavioral analytics platform Indicative and event-data collection platform Snowplow Analytics. The companies are announcing a new partnership, which enables customers to connect their Snowplow data with Indicative in just minutes, allowing product managers and marketers to instantly perform their own real-time analysis and make data analysts’ jobs easier. Now, for example, an e-commerce business can gather data on every click a customer makes on their site, as well as digital touchpoints through channels like email and customer support communications. Through this partnership, business users can assess the real-time performance of marketing campaigns and product flows to quickly act on opportunities and red flags.


This partnership makes behavioral analytics more accessible than ever thanks to Snowplow’s open-source offering and Indicative’s free analytics tier. While competitors like Mixpanel and Amplitude track only a few million user actions per month with limited analysis capabilities on their free plans, Indicative’s free tier tracks up to 1 billion user actions per month with unlimited functionality. “This partnership elevates the value of both Indicative and Snowplow for our customers,” said Indicative Co-Founder and CEO Jeremy Levy. “With the new integration, we are ensuring that every company and every business user can quickly and easily unlock deep insights into their customer journey. Snowplow gives companies the ability to track all of their customer actions, and Indicative breaks down the silos between business users and data teams.”


By combining Snowplow data with Indicative’s high-speed behavioral analytics engine, marketers, product managers, and data analysts can map out customer journeys, conduct cohort analysis, and more, in just a matter of clicks, generating insights in seconds. “We’ve seen how powerful the combination of Snowplow data with Indicative’s analysis UI can be,” said Snowplow Co-Founder and CEO Yali Sassoon. “We wanted to enable more of our users to benefit from Indicative’s technology and so jumped at the opportunity to build an integration with their platform.” Customers can sign up by going to


About Indicative: Indicative is the leading behavioral analytics platform that allows business users to do analysis across the full customer journey. It is the only behavioral analytics platform that offers up to 1 billion user actions per month for free. Indicative enables marketing and product teams to follow their customers across every touchpoint, from web and mobile to email to customer support center data.


About Snowplow: Snowplow Analytics provides enterprise-strength digital analytics powered by the open source. Snowplow collects event-level data across multiple digital channels, allowing you to join your web analytics or other data sets with third-party analytics like CRM data, advertising, or content management systems. Snowplow customers own their own pipeline end to end allowing them to crunch their data with any of the growing set of analytics tools.

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