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ALL N 1 available now for iPhone and Android

All N 1 is powerful and filled with features, but it’s also very easy to use

As life gets busier and more complicated, individuals and businesses alike need innovative tools to get the most out of each day — which means that conventional scheduling apps are out, and brilliant new solutions like All N 1 are in.

Available at no-cost for iPhone and Android smartphones, All N 1 is a next generation multi- functional scheduler that integrates customer tracking, employee tracking and promotions. Users can also track total earnings (weekly, monthly and yearly), and generate reports that can be emailed.

Using All N 1 is easy, fast and intuitive. For example, to add client services users select a service category from the drop-down menu: food & drink; services; retail; entertainment; beauty & fashion; or health and fitness. Next, they simply enter the service name, client name, cost of the service, and select the employee who will complete it.

Adding an appointment is just as easy: users choose a service, select a date and time, and add a new or existing customer. The appointment automatically shows up on the home screen. Toggling existing customers and employees as “inactive” is also simple and fast, and avoids having to permanently delete them from the app’s database just in case they re-enter the picture later on, or if their contact information might be required down the road.

“All N 1 is powerful and filled with features, but it’s also very easy to use,” commented Kesha Brown of ALL N 1 APPS. “It’s designed to help individuals and businesses regain control of their day, stay organized, and make the most of their limited time.”

All N 1 is available now for iPhone from the App Store at, and for Android smartphones from Google Play at

Currently, All N 1 is available at no-cost for users who wish to make up to 10 appointments per month. Those that want to exceed this amount can purchase a subscription that can be paid monthly or yearly. Either subscription option allows users to create an unlimited number of appointments.

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For all other information contact ALL N 1 APPS at +1 877 552 5561 or Mark Johnson for media inquires at +1 408 757 0156.

About ALL N 1 APPS
Located in Huntsville, AL and founded in 2016, ALL N 1 APPS lovingly design and create apps for companies that will improve their overall business needs and streamline everyday processes.

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