The stylish ReelGood website is the top choice for cord cutters, who need a new way to watch and keep track of their favorite movies/TV series. Created by the developers of Popcorn Time, the renowned streaming service fixes privacy and copyright infringement issues by stitching together content from various free and paid legal platforms. The end-result is a lawful TV guide for the streaming age!

Press Release updated: Sep 27, 2017 09:00 EDT

Introduced in 2015 as an iPhone application with a focus on movies and social networking, ReelGood quickly managed to learn about the challenges faced by users to access their favorite entertainment. With TV shows and movies spread across a range of different services, the service realized it is incredibly difficult to figure out what is available to watch and not. Even if cord cutters do subscribe to multiple services, they will have to switch between apps constantly.

Therefore, ReelGood came up with a solution of integrating 250 streaming services in a single interface, making it incredibly simple to watch favorite TV shows and movies online. From Starz, FX, Showtime, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, CBS, Cinemax, CrunchyRoll, to a free source bundle that includes shows/movies from sources like Crackle, ABC, Fox, NBC, Disney, viewers have a massive library of watchable content in one platform only!

This just goes to show that the developers of Popcorn Time did not set out to break the law. Their principal objective has always been to offer an easy way to access content, and now they have figured out a way to operate on a much safer side. Subsequently, users do not have to worry about keeping their identity protected. They can enjoy the best cinematic experience at the comfort of their homes, as ReelGood is now the go-to tool for people to access legal entertainment.

ReelGood takes legal VOD services to a new level.

Albert Jordan, Owner tested the service and it indeed works as promoted. To get started, all that users have to do is add their streaming accounts. ReelGood will then gather all the subscriptions and package them into a uniform and elegant interface, which allows viewers to enjoy watching their favorite TV shows/movies, while being able to track everything with just a few clicks. Best part of all: the service is expanding its libraries to countries outside the US too.

“…The entertainment industry is one that runs on business demands. ReelGood turns the tables and focuses on consumer needs. Now all watchable content will be available in a single interface, where subscribers even receive notifications anytime something new releases. This takes legal VOD services to a new level, as you can track when certain content becomes available. Think of the service as the “Kayak” for the movie industry,” claimed Albert Jordan, a spokesperson from Popcorn Time VPN “…It is a uniform interface for all legal platforms, and by far the best solution for uninterrupted entertainment.”

Source: ReelGood

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