PARIS, FRANCE – 11-10-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

Frederick Darby  The Original Star of days gone by, is an astonding Comedian and composer, 88 years old is traveling and will be visiting the Moulin Rogue with Globus Tours…  Frederick from early by gone years with Katherine Hepburn, Frank SInatra, and many other stars, is treking across Europe which is his hearts  first Love.

His assistant is Darlene who  would not let us get a full interview but says that Freds dream is while here in Europe is to possibly work like in the old days, maybe sin, ala Jimmy Durante style or to pitch in a skitch or two at Moulin Rogue, or any other the former places  Josphine Baker , or  Brick Top may have entertained.   Or To Work with all poparazzi.   

When trying to find something funny we found dead pan joke music video of Frederick Mike Britian Darby… ala Frederick Darby.


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