BOCA RATON, FL – 08-31-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Boca Raton, Florida. Kevin Mason, Chantel Grant, GM Law Firm, National Legal Staffing Support, LLC, Reliant Account Management (RAM) Servicing, Inc. and Resolvly, LLC. announce their intention to aggressively defend a meritless purported class-action lawsuit filed against them by four former clients. The lawsuit, which has been amended twice already and has not been given the green light to go forward by the presiding judge, is based entirely on unsubstantiated hearsay, rumor and innuendo from internet chat rooms and from other industry players who have a vested financial interest in damaging the companies. A former company employee who resigned with a letter of support and with thanks to the company then violated her non-disclosure agreement and, with the assistance of the plaintiffs’ attorney, executed a slanderous affidavit. The former employee has since been sued in Palm Beach Circuit Court seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief. The pending lawsuit in Palm Beach County will be amended to include the plaintiffs’ lawsuit who procured the slanderous affidavit in violation of the employee’s non-disclosure agreement. The companies also intend to file a motion for sanctions against the plaintiffs lawyer for filing the lawsuit and for filing the unsubstantiated affidavit.

The companies have an outstanding track record of providing assistance with student loan debt and are committed to continuing to do so in the future. This frivolous lawsuit will not stop them from doing their good work.

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