CUPERTINO, CA – 01-30-2019 ( — Summer is the best time for kids to have fun learning and exploring new skills. This summer, students (as young as 8) can learn Holographic AR programming and be the director of their very own Holographic AR 3D movie with user-decided endings. In these Holographic AR 3D movies, the movie watchers can immerse themselves in the story as they interact with the scenes and objects. Imagine you can take control of fantastical creatures and wander around a magical world, as if you were a wizard in the Harry Potter Universe. Be your very own superhero, surviving on strange planets and fighting supervillains. With Holographic AR the edges of imagination and reality are blurred. The Holographic AR Summer camp is suitable for students of all computer skills, from zero experience to advanced level.

What is Holographic Augmented Reality (Holographic AR)? 

In Holographic AR, users are extracted from the real world and transported into a virtual environment, where they can interact through a variety of hand gestures, body movements, and audio commands. Unlike virtual reality, Holographic AR requires no special headset, users instead are given the opportunity to see themselves inside the Holographic AR image. Better yet is with the Holographic AR programming language iCreator you don’t have to stay constrained as a mere character you can become the author, the grand creator of your very own 3D movie.

What is Holographic AR 3D movie? 


The development of these 3D interactive movies is a revolution in the way we perceive and intake information. With Holographic AR we are able to experience stories in a new and immersive way, participating with Integem’s Holographic AR 3D movies allows you to see yourself as an active and engaged participant, making decisions that alter the outcome of your very own story. Movies are no longer simply a passive experience. This reality personalizes the experience of storytelling as you no longer just relate to the main character but become one. This field is opening up new opportunities in how we experience and even work with our own imaginations.

What have Students done in the Holographic AR Summer Camp Last Year?


Last summer Integem held summer camps in Cubberley Community Center, Palo Alto, California where they taught children from ages 2nd grade to high school level, how to create their very own Holographic AR projects, crafting neat stories tailored to each child’s perspective. One student, Andrae, a 6th grader from Redwood Middle School, crafted a funny story where you save animals trapped on fences or in trashcans. Another student, Alice, a 10th grader from Fremont, crafted an exciting adventure where you fight dragons in a desperate attempt to survive, there are four unique endings based on the decisions the user makes. The programs are defined by age and skill level and are designed to remain small so each student receives focused, personalized attention. Richard, a 6th grader from Cupertino Unified School District, who enjoys P.E. and his design thinking elective mentioned his favorite aspect of the AR summer camp was “The teachers that can constantly help when you have a problem.” 


Many parents enjoy the opportunity to see their children exploring new skills, gaining knowledge and being pioneers in an exciting new field. Hongmei, the mother of 5th grader at Redwood Shore, commented, “Holographic AR first got my attention by the summer camp provided by Integem. I was impressed by the new concepts and interactive learning and thinking process. Using this technology, kids can combine themselves into their imaginative virtual reality easily and productively. It’s full of fun during their learning, creative thinking and hands-on modeling. I’d like my son Kevin to benefit from such a thrilled technology, I believe he would learn and have a lot fun in the camp. That’s the reason I registered him to Holographic AR without any hesitation. In fact, he did come home with full satisfaction and achievement”.


What is New in 2019 Holographic AR Summer Camp?


More exciting opportunities are opening this summer, with camps on 3D Holographic AR, Holographic AR reporting, Holographic AR art and comics, Holographic AR engineering, Holographic AR 3D movie, and Holographic AR game design, as well as Holographic AR space voyager and Holographic AR Nature exploration. New locations have also opened up with camps being held in San Jose (Evergreen High), Cupertino (Homestead High), Menlo park (Encinal), Fremont (Mission San Jose High), and Palo Alto (Gunn High).


Holographic AR 3D Programming Language iCreator


Working with Holographic AR programming language iCreator isn’t like learning another programming language, there is no standardized answers or problems. Problems cannot solely be solved with simply coding logic. Instead, the experience is built to promote creativity, design thinking, visual community, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, Art, and Math) concepts, interactive storytelling, empathy, and UX/UI (user experience/user interface) besides logic and rational thinking.It is both visual and auditory, and as each student works on their own unique project they are encouraged to express and define themselves through their work. iCreator is a programming language that can transfer each human sentence into a Holographic AR experience. Everyone is able to learn the same skills but the manifestation of those skills will be shown in completely distinctive ways. This experience allows students to take their imagination and creativity and apply it. Richard offered three tips to other students interest in Holographic AR “1. Always write out a plan. 2. Have a story in your project. 3. Always test and modify.”

What will students learn at Integem Holographic AR Summer Camps?

Integem Holographic AR summer camps focus heavily on the importance of design thinking and UX/UI, teaching kids to think not from their own perspective but that of a possible user. Creating in this way forces students to be empathetic and think outside their own perspective. This is project-based learning that allows for hands-on, real-world experience. Kids get to see a completely new angle to the technology they interact with daily, seeing the time and effort involved in the movies they enjoy. They will work with 3D modeling, computer logic and programming to visually communicate their stories to their peers. By the end of camp the kids are able to create a completely unique, two to four minute Holographic AR movie of their own making, teaching them the satisfaction of accomplishment that comes from that sort of dedication. 


This particular camp requires basic to intermediate Holographic AR programming language skills. However, Integem Inc. provides camps like Holographic AR space exploration, Holographic AR Art and Comic or 3D Holographic AR camp where students can learn the necessary skills to advance to higher level classes. In 4 weeks, an 8 to 10 year old can gain the ability to program their own Holographic AR 3D movie, all from having started with zero programming knowledge. Middle school and high school students have the opportunity to be the part of a three week camp where they can program more advanced and detailed 3D movie projects. Integem offers this Holographic AR program as a 4-week combination camp for 8-10 years old, and 3-week experience for middle schoolers and high schoolers. 


Kevin, the son of Hongmei, is excited to see what developments are in the future, he hopes to see Holographic AR developments in robotics and stated, “I think if humans could create a holographic AR program that could control robots. Each move one takes, a corresponding robot performs the same movements. It could help doctors perform surgery, explore uninhabitable places, and also explore dangerous territory.” You can find out more info at Integem’s Holographic AR summer camp website:

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