Wyomissing, PA — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/29/2017 — Racial, gender and sexual discrimination are controversial issues in this country. Unfortunately, the workplace isn’t always an escape from those hot topics. Harassment in the workplace requires attention, and sometimes, legal action. The workplace discrimination attorneys in PA at Kozloff Stoudt Attorneys can defend those that have experienced intolerance and injustice while on the job.

Sometimes, victims of workplace discrimination don’t feel comfortable responding honestly to their superiors or co-workers regarding their mistreatment. Allowing it to happen once can often lead to continued harassment and abuse. Kozloff Stoudt Attorneys urges such victims to break their silence and contact the appropriate legal team. They understand how discriminated workers feel following such incidents. They are ready to advocate on behalf of their clients to earn them the compensation they rightfully deserve.

It is illegal for someone to be discriminated against because of their religion, sex, race, color, national origin, pregnancy, physical or mental disability or citizenship status. Furthermore, anyone 40 years of age and older cannot be discriminated against due to their age. If unjust action is taken against an employee because of any of these classifications, they should seek legal counsel.

Workplace discrimination includes situations such as refusing to hire or promote a qualified candidate, terminating an employee without just cause or mistreating an employee because of a protected classification. If such discrimination has led to financial loss or emotional distress to, prosecuting a claim of discrimination can assist the victim while punishing those responsible to deter future similar behavior.

Those that may have fallen victim to unlawful workplace discrimination are encouraged to contact the business attorneys of Philadelphia at Kozloff Stoudt Attorneys. Visit the firm’s website at http://www.kozloffstoudt.com or call 610-370-6700.

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