LAS VEGAS, NV – 09-17-2018 ( — Homeownership isn’t always a desirable situation and it can be hard to get out of, especially when a home is in a less than stellar condition.

Las Vegas real estate investor, broker, and buyer Lathe Lavada at First Prime Realty Group can help homeowners in difficult situations, offering cash quickly to the owners and taking it off their hands — in Las Vegas and nationwide.“When people find themselves in a distressed situation it can be hard to sell a house in a quick and efficient way,” Lavada said. “A distressed home makes it worse when they can’t afford to fix them. Buyers are unable or unwilling to buy these homes. Getting a loan on these homes can be very difficult or even impossible. A cash buyer like myself can come in and get the seller more money in their pocket.”
Lavada said there are several situations where his services come in especially helpful. 
· Medical condition· Unwanted rental property· Divorce· Inherited property or death in the family· Relocation· Job loss· Pending foreclosure· Avoiding realtor commissions
A house in need of significant renovations can further burden sellers, adding additional stress to the home selling process. Sellers in these particular situations with homes needing massive repairs can find it nearly impossible to sell a house, even in a favorable real estate market for sellers. “One of our sellers sold us a home just last week that required over $38,000 of repairs that they were unable to complete. The seller was going through a difficult divorce also, “Lavada said.Cash offers allow sellers and buyers to skip the steps of lenders, which can hold up deals, especially in cases with homes needing major repairs. “This one home didn’t have carpet so the lender couldn’t provide financing for the buyer, “ Lavada said.Lavada can make a no obligation hassle free cash offer in under 24hrs, get money in the sellers pockets and he handles the rest, “Just leave what you don’t want and I’ll take care of it,” If the offer is accepted, the closing can be done on the sellers timeline and Lavada buys the property as is, no need for clean up or costly repairs — getting the seller money quickly and resolving their difficult situation.There are no obligations once the cash offer is received; Lavada simply wants to help people in need and is always looking for the win-win in every home purchase or sale.“I came from a background where we didn’t have much. In-fact my home included, cardboard walls and an outhouse – out door toiletry and no running water. Growing up this way gave me a real respect for a roof over your head and for folks going through difficult times, so I understand that life has its ups and downs. I cherish the opportunity to help out the local community and give back to it,” he said. “I find it’s a lot more rewarding to help someone who thinks they’re in a situation where there’s no solution.”
For more information, if you need to sell your unwanted home quickly for cash visit now for a 24hr hassle free cash offer or call Lathe Lavada at 702-213-9137. You may also download our free Pros and Cons guide to selling your house for cash.
About Lathe LavadaLathe Lavada has been helping home owners sell their unwanted homes in Las Vegas NV since 2006. Lathe started as a loan officer in 2002 and proceeded to get his real estate and brokerage license in 2005. Transitioning into buying unwanted homes for cash came in mid 2013 when Lathe realized there was a major need for home owners that could not sell their homes to the traditional buyer. Also, for those that just needed a quick cash sale without all the hassles of a traditional real estate sale through a conventional real estate broker, who did not want to pay real estate agent commissions. Lathe’s understanding of the real estate market in Las Vegas and nationwide comes from his extensive experience buying and selling short sales, pre-foreclosure and homes for cash needing major repairs.

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